Samsung Air Conditioning Gold Coast

Samsung Air conditioning in Gold Coast has a remarkably efficient climate system perfectly tailored to your needs may it be for your home or your business. Split systems air conditioning, or known as wall-mounted room air conditioners that do not require any ductwork, are relatively easy to install and are currently one of the most popular types of air conditioning systems used in Australian homes. A split system consists of two units which are the indoor wall-mounted unit and the outdoor unit

Samsung air conditioners offer fast and efficient cooling and heating solutions designed to quickly cool down your room during summer or quickly warm it up during winter. With new-age technology and features plus an advanced filter system that not only help improve your comfort levels but also the quality of the air you and your family breathes in,

Samsung AR5500 SERIES Reverse Cycle Split and Multi-Split Systems

Samsung AR5500 SERIES GEO+ Split System Airconditioner can warm your home during winter using innovative air conditioning technology and cool down efficiently during summer featuring Fast Cooling Technology lowering down the temperature in your room quickly while keeping down energy consumptions. Its advanced design consists of a large fan, wide intake area and a wide blade assisting in the distribution of air-conditioned air wide and far.

Samsung AR5500 Split Systems Air Conditioning is equipped with Samsung’s Digital Inverter Boost that uses powerful magnets of Neodymium reducing its power consumption by as much as 75% while still maintaining comfortable temperatures with fewer fluctuations. It also has a twin-tube muffler allowing it to work efficiently with less noise and vibrations.

Samsung AR9500 WIND-FREE SERIES Reverse Cycle Split and Multi-Split Systems

Samsung AR9500 WIND-FREE GEO+ Split System Air conditioner introduces a new intelligent way of living with its AI Auto Cooling system. This cool feature automatically optimizes your unit’s settings based on the room’s conditions and your usage patterns. Talk about convenience! It even cleans the air by capturing dust, viruses, bacteria, and allergen through its Tri-Care Filter. Stay frosty with Samsung’s Digital Inverter Boost Technology

Create a quiet, comfortable home with the Wind-Free Good Sleep Mode. This mode helps you create the ideal room climate for sleeping without the displeasing cold airflow. Enjoy all of these features with the Samsung SmartThings app, where you can control and monitor your air-conditioner remotely with just a touch