Air Conditioning Repairs Gold Coast

Do you need Air Conditioning Repair in Gold Coast? Then, Look no further! you are exactly where you need to be! Here at Air Conditioning Gold Coast | Asset Aircon & Elec, We don’t just find faults, we find solutions! 

Our team of professionals from engineers, technicians, and support staff are accredited with full refrigeration licenses making them authorized to install, repair, and maintain any types of air conditioning equipment. 

These highly skilled sets of qualified individuals are capable of completing their assignments struggle-free. Assuring you only get the best possible outcomes together with superior quality workmanship.

May it be Residential or Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs, Split-systems or Ducted Air Conditioning Repairs, and Evaporative Air Conditioning Repairs, we got you covered! Call us today! We are here early every day and ready to answer all your queries! 

We adhere to the strict national regulations regarding the handling and disposal of ozone-depleting substances.

Guy Repairing Aircondition

Plus, Air Conditioning Gold Coast | Asset Aircon & Elec utilizes a Connect Mobile technology to streamline the downtime on your job by allowing a continuous stream of communication between our office, your air conditioning system, and the technician.

What this provides is it allows our technicians to have on-site access to the historical run time data of your equipment and its past performance, to facilitate an accurate diagnosis while putting attention to detail.

Air Conditioning Fault-Finding Gold Coast
Air Conditioning Repair Fault Finding Gold Coast

Here’s what you can expect from our technicians visiting your premises for fault servicing:



-Transparency – Inform you of any necessary repairs before going ahead

-Prepared – Utilize drop sheets where necessary

-Cleanliness – Vacuum/clean up any mess after we’ve finished and leave your property exactly how we found it

-Precise and Accurate – Issue you with a detailed job report after any work is carried out


To ensure your repair work is legal and your manufacturer warranty is intact. Make sure you know who can do what.