Air Conditioning Maintenance Gold Coast

Our team at Air Conditioning Gold Coast | Asset Aircon & Elec is dedicated to providing you with a hassle-free and efficient Air conditioning maintenance routine. We developed our own commercial and domestic air conditioning maintenance procedures and air conditioning fault- detection and repair program that is designed primarily to help you, our customer, maintain a safe, comfortable, and efficient air conditioning system. So, if you need Air Conditioning Maintenance in Gold Coast? You know where to go! Talk to us today!

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Why Use Us To Maintain Your Air Conditioner?

Check out why you should choose our Air Conditioning Gold Coast | Asset Aircon & Elec team when you need to book Domestic or Commercial Air Conditioning Services in Gold Coast.

  • Our qualified and licensed technicians are experts in the industry.

We are able to maximize the energy efficiency of your air conditioner to provide the highest return on your capital investment during its lifespan.

  • We are licensed to repair and re-gas air conditioning systems.

Did you know that Electricians may install air conditioners but are not licensed to re-gas your system?  Our Air Conditioning Technicians are fully ARTICK accredited to maintain and repair your system. 

  • We use the UK developed field technology software simPro

This allows us to keep track of your air conditioner’s maintenance data to provide longevity and manage your preventative maintenance while keeping the installation, service, maintenance, and warranty information secure, so you can focus on enjoying the cool air while we take care of the rest! 




The team at Air Conditioning Gold Coast | Asset Aircon & Elec use the latest in advanced technology to treat mould, bacteria, gecko strikes and rust prevention. We use a product called Aeris Guard™ which is designed to clean and restore air conditioning coils, with minimal impact to the environment 

  • Improved Air Quality  
  • Keeps the unit Mould & Bacteria free 
  • Disinfect and kills germs on the filters
  • Prevents costly breakdowns 
  • Required by Manfacturer’s Warranty T&C’s 


We recommend at least an annual maintenance check, preferably before summer to keep your air conditioner cooling to its maximum capacity and to keep they system energy efficient.  If you smoke inside your home or have a split indoor unit or ducted outlet near your kitchen, you may be better off maintaining your system at least every 6 months.

What Can You Expect From our Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance Service!

Asset Aircon’s Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance service comes equipped with a standard air conditioning preventive maintenance package designed for you!! Call us now to know more about our maintenance package.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Evaporative air conditioning maintenance is a cleaning and sanitizing service that is specifically designed for the Evaporative type of cooling system. This will include the cleaning of the filters and gets thoroughly pumped with pressurized water, known as Hydro-Clean, to remove dust, dirt, and other types of debris from the evaporative air conditioner. This package also includes drain valve checking, float valve solenoid valve, and water lines and leak drips.

Industrial Air conditioning maintenance is a cleaning service for your industrial or commercial air conditioner to ensure a longer lifespan and prevent breakdowns of the system. An industrial aircon system is a much more sophisticated and much bigger ducted cooling system, that is similar to one installed in homes. This maintenance service can also make sure that your system will remain energy efficient and consume less electricity. A dirty and unmaintained industrial air conditioning system has been seen to increase in power consumption at almost two times more.

Ducted Air conditioning Maintenance is a cleaning service that is similar to an industrial cleaning service since both are ducted air-con systems. However, this is smaller and much less complicated since these are usually installed in residential or small buildings. This ensures that your ducted system will work at its peak efficiency allowing lesser energy consumption and savings. Plus, this will also make sure that your system will have a longer lifespan and prevent unwanted breakdowns that can cause stress, discomfort, and hassle due to being unexpected.