Pre-purchase Electrical Inspection

A pre-purchase electrical inspection is conducted by qualified and licensed electricians. The Pre-purchase Electrical Inspection provides detailed information on the current conditions of all the electrical services in a property. It can be for any residential or commercial premises that one may be looking to purchase or to enter a lease. 

Here at Air Conditioning Gold Coast | Asset Aircon & ElecWe can provide you with a Pre-purchase Electrical Inspection that is highly reliable and up to standards. Our highly skilled and licensed electricians are fully capable to conduct the needed electrical safety inspections anywhere, anytime!

The Standard Building and Pest Inspection, a common request from buyers, do not include any electrical safety inspection. On the other hand, a pre-purchase Electrical Home Inspection provides peace of mind to a potential home or property buyer. By providing a better understanding of the current condition of the electrical infrastructure of the property they are looking to buy. A detailed electrical inspection report will be provided with recommendations and estimates of costs if needed to rectify issues.

electrical safety inspection

Our Pre-purchase Electrical Inspection Involves:

  • Inspection of the meter box and check for safety switches
  • Verify the operation of safety switches are correct
  • Check the Electrical Switchboard’s current condition, and provide cost estimates when an upgrade is needed.
  • Test earthing system to rule out any risks of electrocution.
  • Check power points, switches and lights for faulty ones ensuring everything is working
  • In-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment
  • Check for any wiring that is outdated or cabling that is unsheathed.
  • Check premises if there’s any DIY electrical work done.
  • Check and verify operations of all air conditioners.
  • Test all smoke alarms and advise the number of smoke alarms required for compliance
  • A comprehensive written pre-purchase electrical inspection report

If an electrical system is found to not fit its purpose, additional testing will be needed on the electrical system to determine its current condition.

“The Electrical Safety Office of Queensland is encouraging pre-purchase electrical inspections to assist buyers to identify if a property is safe and complies with all electrical legislation. We are promoting these inspections to assist buyers in avoiding costly and unsafe issues, to act as a deterrent to dangerous and illegal DIY work, and to encourage homeowners to commit to better maintenance practices.”

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Our professional advice and on-site assessment will always be followed up with a detailed quote that is super easy to understand. And Best of all, it’s totally FREE!

pre purchase electrical inspection

When Should I Get a Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspection?

Usually, as the name implies, a pre-purchase electrical inspection is done before purchasing the property to shed light on any possible dangers or risks in electrical situations. 

So, make sure that your contract says “subject to building, pest and other inspections” to have an out with “other inspections” on a technicality in case there is a problem.

in service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment

Why Should I Get a Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspection?

The primary goal of a pre-purchase electrical inspection is to prevent any unforeseen costly repairs even before the actual purchase.

It is a critical factor in the decision-making process of home buyers and can definitely make or break the sale for that matter. Furthermore, this can act as a guide when putting an offer for the property by using its current condition as the basis.

electrical inspection report

Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspection vs Standard building and Pest Inspection

The majority of home buyers do not request a pre-purchase electrical inspection. In fact, most of these potential buyers only ask for a building and pest inspection to be conducted. However, this is not sufficient and does not include any inspection of the wiring and electrical system of the property. 

Studies show that in NSW around 23% of homes have some type of electrical problems and faulty wirings and definitely QLD should be close will not be too far from that figure. 

If ever you end up buying a house with electrical issues or problems with the power system, it is not unlikely to happen to end up spending a large amount of money again, just for repairs, which is not good especially for someone who just shelled out a larger amount on the recent purchase itself.

electrical home inspection

How Much Does an Electrical Inspection Cost?

Our pre-purchase electrical inspection that is conducted by a licensed electrician and inclusive of all the tests and checks needed will cost $490. 

Once the electrical safety inspection is completed an electrical inspection report will be provided together with the recommendations for repair and upgrades.