Pool Heat Pumps Gold Coast

Are you interested in getting pool heat pumps in Gold Coast and wondering what heat pumps for pools are? Or How do they work? These heating devices are specifically designed to heat swimming pools by consuming electricity but do not directly produce any heat on their own. Isn’t that odd? But, in contrast, these pool heating pumps have fans that extract or capture heat from the surrounding air outside that is already heated naturally by the sun.


What are Pool Heat Pumps Gold Coast?

For the swimming pool heat pumps in Gold Coast, it is the pool’s water pump that circulates the water drawn from the pool itself and pushes it through the filters and the hot water heat pump or water heater device, resulting in heated water in the swimming pool. In other words, it is also referred to as an electric pool heating equipment.

Just like an air conditioner, the best pool heat pumps in Gold Coast remove 2 to 3 units of heat from inside your home for every unit of electricity it uses. A heat pump pool heater, on the other hand, can use a single unit of electricity to remove four (five or six scroll models) heat units from the air and provide five to seven units of pool water heating.

Heat Pool Pumps installation-diagram

How do Gold Coast heat pumps work?

The Functional Principle of a Heat Pump

Step 1 Evaporation: The coolant circulating in the heat pump system collects heat from the air, water or soil and causes the coolant to evaporate and become a gas in the process.

Step 2Compression: The heat pump compressor rapidly compresses the now gaseous refrigerant and some heaters. Thanks to the physical principles of the compression process, which causes the temperature of the compression medium to rise with pressure, compression raises the low heat potential of the coolant to a higher level – about 80 °C.

Step 3 Condensation: The heat from the heated coolant is transferred to the circulating water through the heat exchanger through the second heat exchanger. This lowers the temperature of the coolant and condenses it back to a liquid state. The circulation pump pushes the hot water towards the geyser.

Step 4Expansion: The coolant returns to the first heat exchanger via the expansion valve, where it is reheated. This cycle repeats again and again.

Only a tiny amount of electricity is required for the circulation pump to work

Compressor and fan, and system you’ll hear even when the symbol temperature is below zero.

Renewable Energy Heat Source

A heat pump is another way of using renewable energy to heat or cool water in a swimming pool or spa. Our heat pumps use the environmentally friendly refrigerant R32, which extracts latent heat from the air and transfers the heat to the water in the pool through a series of processes.

Our Gold Coast pool heat pumps for sale are the most energy-efficient year-round heating system on the Australian market today and produce significantly more energy than they consume!

Full Inverter Pool Heat Pumps in Gold Coast

The output heat pump keeps working by turning it on or off continuously. When turning

When the heat pump is turned on at a fixed output, it works at 100% output to meet the heating requirements of the swimming pool. It continues until the set temperature is reached, and so on, switching between turning the heater on and off to maintain the set pool temperature. 

However, the inverter heat pump uses a variable speed compressor, namely: Increase or decrease the speed to maintain the set pool temperature and changes in outside air temperature.

When demand is low, the heat pump reduces its output, which limits power consumption

and the load on the heat pump components, which limits the start cycle.