Samsung AR9500 7.0KW

Samsung AR9500 7.0KW

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Samsung AR9500 7.0KW Wind-Free SERIES Digital Inverter Reverse Cycle – Heating and Cooling – GEO+ Split System Airconditioner introduces a new intelligent way of living with its AI Auto Cooling system. This cool feature automatically optimizes your unit’s settings based on the room’s conditions and your usage patterns. Talk about convenience! It even cleans the air by capturing dust, viruses, bacteria, and allergen through its Tri-Care Filter. Stay frosty with Samsung’s Digital Inverter Boost Technology, which is designed to keep your preferred temperature with lesser fluctuation while it reduces your power consumption by up to 73 percent. While you’re keeping yourself comfortable in the scorching heat, it’s also important to take care of your environment. Fortunately, with Samsung’s Hello R32 Refrigerant, your unit minimizes its effect on the ozone layer, potentially lowering the risk of global warming. And if you think that’s all this unit offers, think again! Create a quiet, comfortable home with the Wind-Free Good Sleep Mode. This mode helps you create the ideal room climate for sleeping without the displeasing cold airflow. Enjoy all of these features with the Samsung SmartThings app, where you can control and monitor your air-conditioner remotely with just a touch. And to top it all off, Samsung offers 5-year parts and labour warranty!



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Wind-Free Cooling will keep you cool and comfortable. It is meant to disperse air gently and discreetly through 23,000 micro air holes, eliminating the unpleasant feeling of chilly wind on your skin. The outdoor unit uses less electricity in Wind-Free for Cooling mode than in Fast Cooling mode, saving over 77%


Experience a more intelligent way of living with Samsung’s AI Auto Cooling. It analyzes the room conditions and usage patterns to automatically optimize the various settings. It may automatically adjust to the most appropriate mode to maintain desired conditions based on your preferred temperature.


With a Tri-Care Filter, you can keep the air clean and the Heat Exchanger running smoothly. It has three layers, one of which is a high-density filter for removing large dust particles, fibres, and animal hairs. It also contains a Zeolite Coating Filter, designed to trap fine particles and decrease viruses, bacteria, and allergies that could be harmful.


Refrigerants are a vital factor of air conditioning, and it’s important to pick one that has a low environmental impact. To reduce the impact on the ozone layer, Samsung has added the new R32 refrigerant to its air conditioning line.


The Wind-Free Good Sleep mode can assist you in creating the optimal sleeping environment — free of cold airflow. Its temperature control, together with Wind-Free Cooling, can assist you in falling asleep quickly, sleeping deeply and luxuriously, and waking up feeling completely refreshed.


You may rest easy knowing that you’re getting a high-quality air conditioner. The Samsung air conditioner comes with a five-year parts and labour warranty.



Samsung’s Digital Inverter Boost technology, designed to cut energy usage by up to 73 percent while maintaining the ideal temperature with fewer fluctuations. It has powerful Neodymium magnets and a twin-tube muffler that works efficiently and creates little noise and vibration.


Using the Samsung SmartThings app, you can control your home air conditioner from anywhere, at any time. With just a touch, you can manage and monitor the air conditioner from a distance.


The heat exchanger in the outdoor unit is composed of corrosion-resistant material to protect the heat exchanger coil from rusting and maintain the Heat Exchanger’s ideal function. The Salt Spray Test (SST) was used to test its corrosion resistance for 480 hours.


Samsung AR9500 7.0KW
Rated Capacity
Capacity (Cooling) 7.00 kW
Capacity (Heating) 8.00 kW
Capacity (Cooling, Min – Max), kW2.5 ~ 8.0 kW
Capacity (Heating, Min – Max), kW2.4 ~ 12.0 kW
Energy Efficiency
AEER (Cooling) 3.52 W/W
ACOP (Heating) 3.62 W/W
EER (Std, Cooling) 3.54 W/W
COP (Std, Heating) 3.64 W/W
Energy Star Rating (Cooling) 2.5 ★
Energy Star Rating (Heating) 2.5 ★
Noise Level
Sound Pressure Level (Indoor, High / Low) 46/28 dBA
Sound Pressure Level (Outdoor) 53 dBA
Electrical Data
Power Source (V/Hz/Ph) 1 / 220~240 / 50
Power Input (Cooling / Heating) 1980 W
Current Input (Cooling) 2.5/9.0/11.5 A
Current Input (Heating) 2.3/10.0/17.5 A
Physical specification
Net Dimension (Indoor, WxHxD) 1055*299*215 mm
Net Dimension (Outdoor, WxHxD) 940*998*330 mm
Net Unit Weight (Indoor) 12.5 kg
Net Unit Weight (Outdoor) 67.8 kg
Technical Information
Piping Length ( Max) 30 m
Piping Height (Max) 15 m
Connection Size (Liquid, OD) mm6.35
Connection Size (Suction) mm15.88
Refrigerant (Type) R32
Operating Temperature Range (Cooling)-10~46 ℃
Operating Temperature Range (Heating)-15~24 ℃
Compressor Type – BLDC
Piping Height (Max, m) – Yes
Operating Mode
Auto Mode – Yes
Fast Cool – Yes
Good Sleep – Yes
Eco Mode – Yes
Dehumidification – Yes
Fan Mode – Yes
Quiet Mode – Yes
Air Flow
Air Direction Control (Up/Down) – Auto
Air Direction Control (Left/Right) – Auto
Air Flow Speeds (Cool/Fan) – 5/4
Air Purification
PM 1.0 Filter – No
Tri Care Filter – Yes
Easy Filter Plus (Anti-Bacteria) – Yes
Auto Clean (Self Cleaning) – Yes
SmartThings – Yes
AI Auto Cooling – Yes
Motion Detect Sensor – No
Smart Check – Yes
Smart Service – Yes
Remote Controller – Yes
Auto Changeover – Yes
Auto Restart – Yes
DRED Enabled (DRM 1, 2 & 3) – Yes
WiFi EmbeddedYes
App Connectivity
SmartThings App SupportYes

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  1. Archer Davis

    I work in a construction site and it’s so stress-relieving to get home with a cool and fresh environment. The smartthings app really gives me life convenience as I can turn on the AC unit even when I am away. This has been great in either keeping us warm during winter or keeping us cool in summer!

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