Our Commercial Air Conditioning Services

Commercial VRV/VRF air conditioning installation

VRV/VRF offers the latest in technology and is energy efficient, quiet, and has flexibility of control. VRV/VRF is a split system type of air conditioner which uses just one central outdoor unit to connect to as many indoor units as required. This system of air conditioning is the most advanced cooling system on the market and ideal for large commercial buildings, offering flexible climate control and energy efficient cooling.

Professional Autodesk and CAD services for air conditioning

CAD (Computer Aided Design) is a professional design software used by engineers to draft and design models for many types of applications. At Asset Aircon, our team use Autodesk and CAD to design air conditioning systems for commercial use. This helps guarantee that our air conditioning system designs are accurate and allows for individualised designs as well as testing and analysing a model before it is constructed. When designing routing configurations for ducted air conditioning this specialised software allows us to specify parts, connections, and controls. This means we can design any type of air conditioning system to suit your building and your comfort requirements. We work with world renowned brands for all our parts, equipment, and technology.

Chilled Water Systems

Chilled water systems are a method of cooling that uses water instead of refrigerant. Because of their complexity, chilled water systems are most commonly found onsite at commercial and industrial premises. There are 3 distinct types of chilled water systems, reciprocating, centrifugal, and absorption. Chilled water systems can be a cheaper way to operate air conditioning for large premises. Running a cooling system with water reduces the hazards of having piped refrigerant throughout your building. In addition to this, water is non-corrosive, non-toxic, and has a specific heat value. Water cooled systems tend to last longer than air cooled chillers. Lets Chat!

Closed control computer room air conditioning services

Virtually all commercial buildings have a closed control computer room onsite to house electronic equipment such as computer servers. To make sure the computer infrastructure runs smoothly it is vital that servers are housed in an environment that is monitored and temperature controlled. This is done using a Close Control Unit (CCU), also known as Precision Air Conditioning, Close Control Air Conditioner (CCAC), or a Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC).  The main job of a closed control computer room is control humidity and temperature both which can cause computer systems to overheat and shut down or cause electrical hazards through moisture. We can design and install a complete system customised for your facilities of any size, with considerations such as low noise systems, fire protection systems, power management systems, and energy saving features.

Commercial Ducted Systems

Ducted systems can offer a controlled cooling and heating solution, ideal for commercial premises such as office buildings, shopping centres, and hotels. In electric ducted systems, the heating works in the same ways as a domestic reverse cycle air conditioner. In some cases, there is the opportunity to use natural gas or LPG to run heating, as a cheaper alternative to electricity.  Unlike cooling, heating isn’t affected by outside temperatures, which mean you get a steady and gentle heat that doesn’t remove the moisture in the air. No dryness means, less likelihood of skin dryness, sore eyes, dry throat, allergies, and even asthma.  Our team of highly trained experts can design, supply, install, fault find, or maintain virtually any configuration of a commercial ducted system. Chat to an expert now!

Split Air Conditioning System

Split/Multi Split System have one external condenser which is then connected to two or more internal air conditioning units. Each indoor unit can be controlled individually.  We can supply and install Split/Multi Split air conditioning for any type of configuration. All our work is guaranteed. Our range of air conditioners offer the latest in technology and convenient options like remote control and air purification filters.

Asset Aircon specialise in the design and installation of well-engineered energy efficient air conditioning and mechanical equipment.

Engineering, designing and installing the right air conditioning system assists in, lowering running costs, providing comfort for your staff and customers and ensuring the longevity of your system.

Our expert sales and design team are highly trained and experienced to offer the perfect air conditioning and mechanical ventilation solution to meet your individual needs.

Factories, office blocks, shop fit outs, we have the right solution for you.

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