Samsung AR5500 8.0KW

Samsung AR5500 8.0KW

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Samsung AR5500 8.0KW SERIES | AR30TXHYCWKNSA | 8.0kW R32 Digital Inverter | GEO+ Reverse Cycle Split System Product Overview:

Samsung AR5500 8.0kW SERIES Digital Inverter Reverse Cycle – Heating and Cooling – GEO+ Split System Airconditioner can warm your home during winter using innovative air conditioning technology and cool down efficiently during summer featuring Fast Cooling Technology lowering down the temperature in your room quickly while keeping down energy consumptions. Its advanced design consists of a large fan, wide intake area, and a wide blade assisting in the distribution of air-conditioned air wide and far. Stay cool and dry with its Dehumidification Mode, perfect for hot and humid days when everything feels unbearable and sticky, reducing moisture in the air while circulating dry air around the room. It also comes equipped with Samsung’s Digital Inverter Boost that uses powerful magnets of Neodymium reducing its power consumption by as much as 75% while still maintaining comfortable temperatures with fewer fluctuations. It also has a twin-tube muffler allowing it to work efficiently with less noise and vibrations. The model features a Good Sleep Mode that automatically adjusts airflow direction and fan speed to provide a comfortable environment, based on the temperature and time you set. Plus, an Easy Filter Plus to protect against airborne contaminants with an anti-bacterial coating to repel bacterial growth. An Auto Clean Function to dry off moisture within the indoor unit to ensure mould growth is curtailed. Offered with a 5-year warranty on parts and labour.



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Perfect for hot and humid days when everything feels unbearable and sticky, reducing moisture in the air while circulating dry air around the room


A Good Sleep mode automatically adjusts the fan speed and airflow direction to provide a comfortable environment, following your pre-set time and temperature.


The Easy Filter Plus is conveniently located on top and can be removed easily for cleaning. Made out of dense mesh that is effective in catching dust, assists in keeping the heat exchanger in the indoor unit clean to operate efficiently. With an anti-bacterial coating to protect against airborne contaminants as well.


When turning off the unit, the Auto clean function kicks in by automatically running the fan on low speed for a time period to remove moisture in the indoor unit heat exchanger, reducing possibilities of bacterial growth.


Showing the temperature and key operating functions that includes energy consumption by using numerical and intuitive icon displays. Display can also be switched off through the remote controller


Samsung wall mounted splits are supported by 5-year parts and labour warranty for residential applications.` Full terms and conditions visit Samsung Warranty



Designed to maintain the desired temperature with lesser fluctuations and reduce energy consumption by up to 75%, Samsung’s Digital Inverter Boost technology utilizes powerful magnets made from Neodymium and includes a twin-tube muffler to work efficiently while creating minimal vibration and noise.


Featuring an innovative cooling technology to cool spaces quickly while also minimizing energy consumption. The advanced design comprises a large fan unit, a wide air intake area, and a wide blade helping to disperse air-conditioned air far and wide.


Made from corrosion-resistant material, the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit protects the coil from rusting. Maintaining the optimal performance of the heat exchanger. Tested with salt spray test for 480 hours ensuring remarkable corrosion resistance.


Samsung AR5500 8.0KW
Rated Capacity
Capacity (Cooling) 8.00 kW
Capacity (Heating) 9.00 kW
Capacity (Cooling, Min – Max), kW2.5 ~ 9.3 kW
Capacity (Heating, Min – Max), kW2.4 ~ 13.0 kW
Energy Efficiency
AEER (Cooling) 3.26 W/W
ACOP (Heating) 3.27 W/W
EER (Std, Cooling) 3.27 W/W
COP (Std, Heating) 3.27 W/W
Star Rating (Cooling – Hot/Average/Cold) 3.0 / 3.0 / 3.0
Star Rating (Heating – Hot/Average/Cold) 3.0 / 2.0 / 1.5
Noise Level
Sound Pressure Level (Indoor, High / Low) 47 / 30 dBA
Sound Pressure Level (Outdoor) 57 dBA
Electrical Data
Power Source (V/Hz/Ph) 1 / 220~240 / 50
Power Input (Cooling / Heating) 2450 W
Current Input (Cooling) 11.1 A
Current Input (Heating) 12.5 A
Physical Specification
Shipping Dimension (Indoor, WxHxD) 1115*290*375 mm
Shipping Weight (Indoor) 14.0 kg
Shipping Dimension (Outdoor, WxHxD) 995*1096*426 mm
Shipping Weight (Outdoor) 72.0 kg
Net Dimension (Indoor, WxHxD) 1055*299*215 mm
Net Dimension (Outdoor, WxHxD) 940*998*330 mm
Net Unit Weight (Indoor) 12.4 kg
Net Unit Weight (Outdoor) 67.8 kg
Technical Information
Piping Length ( Max) 30 m
Piping Height (Max) 15 m
Connection Size (Liquid, OD) mm 6.35
Connection Size (Suction) mm 15.88
Refrigerant (Type) R32
Operating Temperature Range (Cooling) -10 ~ 46 ℃
Operating Temperature Range (Heating) -15 ~ 24 ℃
Compressor Type – BLDC
Piping Height (Max, m) Yes
Anti-Corrosion Fin (Outdoor Unit) Yes
Operating Mode
2 Step Cooling (Fast + Comfort) No
Auto Mode – Yes
Fast Cool – Yes
Comfort Cool – No
D’light Cool – No
Good Sleep – Yes
Single User Mode – No
Eco Mode – Yes
Dehumidification – Yes
Fan Mode – Yes
Quiet Mode – Yes
Air Flow
Air Direction Control (Up/Down) Auto
Air Direction Control (Left/Right) Auto
Air Flow Speeds (Cool/Fan) 5/4
Air Purification
PM 1.0 Filter – No
Tri Care Filter – No
Easy Filter Plus (Anti-Bacteria) – Yes
Auto Clean (Self Cleaning) – Yes
SmartThings – No
AI Auto Cooling – No
Motion Detect Sensor – Yes
Smart Check – Yes
Smart Service – Yes
Remote Controller – No
Real-Time Timer – Yes
Auto Changeover – Yes
Auto Restart – Yes
Filter Cleaning Indicator – Yes
Indoor Temp. Display – Yes
Display On/Off – Yes
MEPS – Yes
WiFi Embedded – No
App Connectivity
SmartThings App Support – No

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  1. Chloe Thomas

    I had been looking for Air Conditioners as my working space in the house was getting unbearable and sticky on humid days. So glad I’ve found this Samsung AR5500 8.0KW listed on Asset Aircon’s website. So hassle-free as their professional technicians immediately went to my home for a free on-site assessment right after I called them. I purchased one and got surprised by how fast it cools the entire space that I can now concentrate on working in a comfortable and chilly environment. So worth it!

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