Air Purifiers

Home air purifiers are becoming more and more popular, and one of the reasons is due to concerns over the quality of the air we have. Homes are built to shelter us, and our modern-day routines, as many of us have, make us spend much more time inside. So, in this case, we are now more exposed to indoor air contaminants and pollutants rather than those from outside, which may also increase the risks of lung diseases.

Air purifiers essentially work by sanitizing and deodorizing the air. It captures or eliminates pollutants, allergens and toxins that are airborne. Air purifiers work differently from filters, as they don’t only catch the particles but also sanitize them. The particles that an air purifier removes will depend on the type you choose. Some versions are designed to catch particles as air passes through them while  others can neutralize and eliminate contaminants and particles even without going through their filters.