TCL BreezeIN 2.6kw

TCL BreezeIN Series 2.6 KW Split System Air Conditioner

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The TCL split system air conditioner is a versatile unit that offers both cooling and heating functionalities, ensuring year-round comfort regardless of the weather outside.

Capacities:  2.6 kW, 2.6kW, 3.5 kW, 5.2 kW, 7.2 kW, up to 8.2 kW


Introducing the TCL BreezeIN Series split air conditioner, a state-of-the-art solution designed to revolutionize your indoor comfort experience. The TCL split system air conditioner is a versatile unit that offers both cooling and heating functionalities, ensuring year-round comfort regardless of the weather outside. The TCL split type aircon has a sleek design and advanced features making it a perfect addition to any home or office space.


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Indoor Outdoor Cooling kW Heating kW Installed Price:
TAC-09CHSD TPH11IT 2.6 4.05 $1,549.00

Note: Standard Installation price quoted and exclude add-ons.


Cooling and Heating 

The TCL BreezeIN Series split system air conditioner provides reliable cooling during the summer and efficient heating during the winter, ensuring optimal comfort throughout the year.


Available in various capacities to suit different room sizes and cooling/heating requirements, ranging from 2.6 KW, 3.5 KW, 5.2 KW, 7.2 KW, up to 8.2 KW. Whether you need to cool a small bedroom or a large living room, there’s a TCL BreezeIN model for you.

Gentle Breeze Mode

Experience gentle airflow with the Gentle Breeze Mode, which simulates the natural breeze for a more comfortable and relaxing environment. This mode is perfect for times when you want a subtle cooling effect without the strong blast of air from traditional air conditioners.

Smart Airflow

The Smart Airflow feature automatically adjusts the direction and intensity of the airflow based on your preferences and room conditions. This ensures even distribution of air throughout the space, eliminating hot spots and ensuring consistent comfort.

Air Purification

Enjoy cleaner and healthier air with the built-in air purification system. This feature removes dust, allergens, and other impurities from the air, making it ideal for those with respiratory issues or allergies.

Inverter Technology

The TCL BreezeIN Series utilizes inverter technology to provide efficient and consistent cooling/heating while minimizing energy consumption. This technology adjusts the compressor speed according to the cooling/heating requirements, resulting in significant energy savings compared to traditional air conditioners.

I Feel Mode

With the I Feel Mode, the TCL BreezeIN Series automatically adjusts the temperature and airflow based on the ambient conditions detected by the built-in sensors. This ensures that your room stays at the optimal temperature for maximum comfort.

Turbo Function

Need to quickly cool down or heat your space? Activate the Turbo Function for rapid cooling/heating, allowing you to achieve your desired temperature in no time.

Works with Google Assistant / Amazon Alexa / TCL Home App

Take control of your comfort with voice commands or through the TCL Home App. Whether at home or on the go, you can easily adjust the settings of your TCL Split Air Conditioner settings using your smartphone or smart speaker.

24 HR Timer

Set customized schedules to suit your lifestyle and save energy. The 24-hour timer allows you to program the operation of your air conditioner according to your daily routine, ensuring that it turns on/off automatically at the desired times.

Sleep Mode

Enjoy a restful night’s sleep with the Sleep Mode feature, which automatically adjusts the temperature and fan speed to create the ideal sleeping environment. Say goodbye to restless nights caused by uncomfortable temperatures or noisy air conditioners.

Eco Mode 

Reduce your carbon footprint and save on energy costs with Eco Mode. This feature optimizes the performance of your air conditioner to minimize energy consumption while maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures.

5-fan Speed

Choose from five different fan speeds to suit your cooling/heating preferences. Whether you prefer a gentle breeze or a powerful blast of air, the TCL BreezeIN Series has you covered.

LED Display – On/Off

The LED display provides easy access to the settings and status of your air conditioner, allowing you to monitor its operation at a glance. The display can be turned on/off to minimize light pollution during nighttime operations.

Easy Clean Design

Cleaning and maintaining your TCL BreezeIN Series air conditioner is a breeze thanks to its user-friendly design. The removable filters and accessible components make it easy to keep your unit running smoothly and efficiently.

Auto-Clean / Clean Reminder

Keep your air conditioner running smoothly with the Auto-Clean feature, which automatically cleans the internal components to prevent dust and debris buildup. Additionally, the Clean Reminder function alerts you when it’s time to clean or replace the filters, ensuring optimal performance and air quality.

Experience TCL Split System Air Conditioner Today!

Upgrade your indoor environment with the TCL BreezeIN Series Split System Air Conditioner and experience the ultimate in comfort and convenience. With its advanced features, energy-efficient design, and smart connectivity options, staying comfortable has never been easier. Transform your space into a haven of relaxation and enjoy the perfect temperature all year round with TCL.


Model Name
Indoor Unit TAC-09CHSD
Outdoor Unit TPH11IT
Rated Capacity
Cool (kW) 2.6
Heat (kW) 4.05
Star Rating
Nominal Capacity kW 2.6
Power Supply to Outdoor Unit V – Ph – Hz
Recommended Circuit Breaker A
Demand Response Enabling Device
Maximum Input Power (Cooling / Heating) W
Maximum Input Current (Cooling / Heating) A
Suitable Area Coverage (up to 2.6m insulated ceiling)
Indoor Unit
Air Flow (Turbo / Hi / Med / Lo / Min)
Moisture Removal L/h
Air Flow (Turbo / Hi / Med / Lo / Min)
Sound Power Level dB(A)
Sound Pressure Level @ 1m (Turbo / Hi / Med / Lo / Min) dB(A)
Air Swing Louvres Direction
Dimension (W x H x D)
Packing (W x H x D)
Net / Gross Weight kg
Operating Range
Wireless Remote Controller Model
Outdoor Unit
Sound Power Level
Sound Pressure Level @ 1m
Dimension (W x H x D)
Packing (W x H x D)
Net / Gross Weight kg
Charged Volume kg
Pipe Size: Liquid / Gas mm
Maximum Pipe Length
Chargeless Length
Extra Charge for Lengths > 10m g/m
Maximum Vertical Separation m
Ambient Temperature Limits


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