Rinnai Air Conditioner Q Series HSNRQ70B

Rinnai Q Series – HSNRQ70B

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Rinnai Air Conditioner Q Series | HSNRQ70B| 7.0kW R32 Q Series Inverter | Reverse Cycle Split System Product Overview:

Specifically Made for that ever-changing Australian climate, the Rinnai Q Series R32 Inverter Reverse Cycle Split System Air conditioner can perform both heating and cooling functions whole year round, wherever you live. Packed and loaded with innovative features that include its Wi-Fi connectivity, Self-Clean function, and Sleep mode. 

The Q Series Air conditioning Systems are the ultimate when it comes to providing complete cooling and heating comfort at your home. Smart Enabled features that allow you to work around your individual lifestyles and are equipped with an ultra-practical timer function, enabling the user to adjust and preset the desired operating hours and schedule to achieve only the perfect room temperature that suits your comfort needs. Encased in a sleek, contemporary design element, the Rinnai Q Series portrays durability, convenience, and easy maintenance.


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System Indoor Outdoor Cooling kW Heating kW

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Ambient Temperature

The Rinnai Q Series will perform reliable operations even in extreme weather conditions. It can work in ambient temperatures during winter as low as -15 degrees Celsius and similar summer temperatures of up to 52 degrees Celsius, A feature that is essential for Australia’s harsh climates and conditions.

Intelligent Defrosting

In locations where temperatures outdoors are low and may fall below freezing, its outdoor unit is equipped and will run in anti-frost mode ensuring high-performance heating.

Long Distance Air Supply

The Q Series boasts its ability to supply volumes of cool air with airflow reaching up to 15 meters in distance, providing a wall to wall comfortable environment.

Self-Diagnosis Function

Unlikely, but if an abnormal operation occurs, the system will automatically shut down, perform detections and fault finding, then it will display the error code on the indoor unit panel.



Wi-Fi Control

Control from anywhere, with an Android or Apple app you can always come home to ultimate comfort.

Self-Cleaning Function

Dries the inside before extended periods of non-use, leaving it free from mould growth, bacteria, and dust build-up.

Quiet Operation

Cleverly designed Air tunnels optimise airflow and distribution keeping the noise levels at a bare minimum, even at its peak performance.

3D Airflow

Air blades move horizontally and vertically, allowing full control and balanced temperatures across the room.

Turbo Function

Quickly cool in summer or swiftly warm in winter.

Sleep Mode

By Mimicking the outside ambient temperatures, The Q Series intelligent sleep mode with its 2-way temperature control ensures you get a comfortable sleep.


Preset your ON and OFF schedules within 30 minutes to 24 hours, and the unit will switch accordingly based on its current status.

Programmable Timer

For added features and control, a programmable 7-day timer can be accessed via an iOS or Android Wi-Fi App. 

Fresh Function

Once turned off, the unit runs a 3-minute cleaning cycle to get rid of excess moisture in the indoor unit to prolong life and maintain optimum performance and hygiene.

R32 Refrigerant

Uses R32 refrigerants that provide better energy efficiency at lower volumes while also having a lower global warming potential compared to traditional refrigerants.

Demand Control

To reduce power consumption at peak load times, the unit is equipped with (DRED) – demand response capability.


Model HSNRQ70B
Cooling Capacity kW 7.0(0.95 ~ 7.8)
Heating Capacity kW 7.0(0.85 ~ 8.0)
AEER/ACOP W/W 3.801/3.868
Energy Star For Cooling 3
Energy Star For Heating 3
Indoor Noise Level (Turbo / Min) dBA 50 – 27
Outdoor Noise Level dBA 59
Electrical Data
Power Supply (V)/(HZ) 220-240~/50
Running Current Cooling (A) 8.1 (1.5 ~ 11.5)
Heating (A) 8.0 (1.5 ~ 11.5)
Power Input Cooling (W) 1865
Heating (W) 1850
Refrigerating System
Refrigerant Type R32
Compressor Type Variable Output
Connecting Pipe Liquid (Inches) 1/4
Gas (Inches) 5/8
Net Dimensions (W*H*D) Indoor (mm) 1100*330*235
Outdoor (mm) 930*700*388
Net Weight Indoor (kg) 14
Outdoor (kg) 47

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  1. Michael Harris

    this is really a perfect air conditioner to escape the hot summer! I’ve spent my savings for this and it’s all worth it. I have no regrets with the product and service. It’s now stable in my living room bringing a very comfortable environment. Thumbs up!

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