Panasonic RZ Series - CS/CU-RZ71XKR

Panasonic RZ Series – CS/CU-RZ71XKR

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Panasonic RZ Series | CS/CU-RZ71XKR | 7.1kW R32 RZ Series Inverter Technology | Multi-Split Reverse Cycle System Product Overview:

Panasonic RZ Series – Reverse Cycle Heating and Cooling – Wall-Mounted Multi-Split System Air Conditioner Features Control, Comfort, and Reassurance for the user while operating quietly and packed with an energy-saving component that combines inverter technology and economy mode function, bringing in more savings. 

A Multi Room Air conditioning system with a flexible design and compatible with a variety of indoor units to provide what you need. The model Is equipped with AEROWINGS technology that provides control precision and airflow direction with powerful cooling. Market Leading in its class when it comes to connectivity. Comes with a 5-year warranty on parts and labour.



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System Indoor Outdoor Cooling kW Heating kW Installed Price:
CS/CU-RZ71XKR CS-RZ71XKR CU-RZ71XXR 7.1 7.5 $2,889.00

Note: Standard Installation price quoted and exclude add-ons.



From environmental performance to noise measurements and even operating ease, Panasonic Air conditioner models are tested repeatedly to make sure they are the hard-working hero that is unnoticed, keeping a comfortable home without ever intruding into your life.


Tested under the harshest conditions with continuous operations and subjected the outdoor unit to rain and wind tests, examining every mechanism after to ensure a product that can be depended on for many years.


Tested and simulated under different impacts, vibrations, drops, and stacking issues they may encounter during transportation and storage, to ensure they are ready for action once they reach your home


Designed and boasts an outstanding operating temperature range that is perfect for any of the extreme climates Australia has to offer, designed to operate on the hottest summer days or even the cold freezing months, so the coldest part of the country is covered.


For many years of reliable comfort from your air conditioner, the outdoor units are built to withstand the harsh environment of Australia. The internal components of the outdoor unit are coated with a special blue coating to protect it from salty air, wind, dust, and rain’s damaging effects.


Manufactured with the highest quality standards to ensure years of reliable comfort, Panasonic Air conditioners come with 5-year parts and labour warranty to back these reliability claims.




The WLAN Smart Adapter and the Panasonic Comfort Cloud App provides convenience in control, connectivity, and comfort. Allowing a seamless adjustment of the temperature, monitoring power consumption, switching modes all from a single mobile device.

SMART Control

Control, monitor and analyze multiple units up to 200 in different locations using a single device.

SMART Comfort

With the remote AC access features, air purification functions, and many more, you can control your comfort 24 hours a day.

SMART Efficiency

Improve energy efficiency and cost-effectivity by Analyzing and comparing the energy consumption.

SMART Assist

Effortlessly manage and monitor the air conditioner troubleshooting while assigning user control permissions.


Giving you the ultimate peace of mind with the Anti-Bacterial Filter that eliminates contaminants and improves air quality for you and your family while creating a cool or warm home environment.


The clever technologies benefit you and the environment while living a comfortable life. The powerhouse energy-saving product combines the inverter technology and Economy mode to lessen electricity consumption.


The new AEROWINGS twin motorised blades mixed with iAUTOX technology delivers precise control of airflow direction, providing Shower Cooling and Fast Cooling features creating a perfect and comfortable environment.


Among the quietest in the world to ensure you get a relaxing sleep while running your air conditioner at night. Both the indoor and outdoor units operate quietly so you don’t have to worry about your neighbours as well.


Uses R32 refrigerant which is more ozone-friendly with less impact on the environment. It is the next-generation refrigerant that is suitable for air conditioning systems and results in better energy-efficient operations.


Offering a  multi-room cooling and heating solution for your entire home. Compatible with a variety of Indoor units to suit your every need. Wall-mounted Mini Cassette for ceiling installation, Floor console indoor unit if wall or ceiling space is limited, or Ultra slim ducted indoor unit.


Indoor Unit CS-RZ71XKR
Outdoor Unit CU-RZ71XXR
Function Cooling + Heating
Cooling Capacity Rated Conditions kW 7.1
Cooling Capacity Range – Min ~ Max kW 1.70 ~ 8.10
EER w/w 3.24
Heating Capacity Rated Conditions kW 7.5
Heating Capacity Range – Min ~ Max kW 1.70 ~ 9.90
COP w/w 3.64
Star Rating – Cool / Heat 3.0 / 3.0
Electrical Voltage V 240
Running Current – Cool / Heat A 9.70 / 8.8
Power Input – Cool / Heat kW 2.19 / 2.06
Sound Pressure Indoor – Cool – Hi / Lo / S-Lo dB(A) 49 / 37 / 34
Sound Pressure Indoor – Heat – Hi / Lo / S-Lo dB(A) 49 / 37 / 34
Sound Power Outdoor – Cool – Hi / S-Lo dB 66 / 61
Sound Power Outdoor – Heat – Hi / S-Lo dB 68 / 63
Dimension – Indoor (H x W x D) mm 302 x 1102 x 244
Dimension – Outdoor (H x W x D) mm 695 x 875 x 320
Net Weight – Indoor/Outdoor kg 13/50
Refrigerator Pipe – Liquid Size mm 6.35 (1/4)
Refrigerator Pipe – Gas Size mm 15.88 (5/88)
Pipe Extension Length (Min – Max) m 3 – 30
Maximum Elevation Length m 20
Pipe Length For Additional Gas m 10
Additional Gas Amount g/m 25
Operating Range (Outdoor) Cool/Heat °C -10 – +46 / -15 – +24
Brand Panasonic
Shipping Weight 63.0000kg
Shipping Cubic 0.275804000m3

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    Excellent! Lovin’ how everything’s turned out! Way beyond my expectations, Glad I invested a bit more and got what you’re technician recommended, now it’s paying off! It’s true! energy efficiency beyond expected thought my bill would be much more but instead got a lot less with what I had in mind. Plus, still have an option to get another room connected with an indoor unit!! This is cost efficiency at its finest! Thanks, Asset Aircon! Spectacular Job you guys!

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