Hisense J Series 2.5 KW

Hisense J Series 2.5 KW

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**Rubbish Disposal of packaging and waste materials from the installation

Every Hisense Airconditioner features an antibacterial Silver Ion filter to decontaminate bacteria and mould build-up. The filter also removes viruses such as E.coli and S.aureus from the system.  Hisense air conditioning products are built to last and designed for the user in mind.  Hisense offers inverter technology and Smart Home Voice Controls.  When your Hisense J Series is connected to Wi-Fi you can operate, the system using voice control through Google Home or Amazon Alexa.  


For example, if your Hisense J Series air conditioner is installed in the lounge you can name in ‘lounge’ in the program setup.

It is easy to ask Google Assistant….

‘Hey Google, turn the Lounge to 24’

‘Hey google, what is the Lounge set to?’

‘Hey Google, set the Lounge to 21’

Hey Google, turn off the Lounge’


Other features include I FEEL mode on the remote controller, yes the remote controller has a built in digital thermometer that adjusts the temperature of the room based on where the remote is located.

The ultra-low energy consumption and non-toxic, environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant results in a low carbon footprint of the Hisense J-Series.

Capacities: 2.5 kW



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System Indoor Outdoor Cooling kW Heating kW Installed Price:
HAWJ9KR HAWJ9KR-I HAWJ9KR-O 2.5 3.1 $1,549.00

Note: Standard Installation price quoted and exclude add-ons.



air conditioners are designed with durability and longevity in mind. They are protected with a seven-layer anti-corrosion double zinc layer, double zinc-iron soluble layer, steel substrate, powder solidified layer and a ceramic coating to the outdoor unit. Anti-corrosion treatment is applied on core components and fastening parts.


Even air distribution keeps the temperature stable and avoids the feeling of a draft against you.


The Silver Ion filter protects effectively against viral, mould, and bacterial contamination.   Easy selection of the self-clean function via the remote controller in the comfort of your home.


Model Name HAWJ9KR
Indoor Unit HAWJ9KR-I
Outdoor Unit HAWJ9KR-O
Rated Capacity
Cool (kW) 2.5
Heat (kW) 3.1
Star Rating (Hot/Average/Cool)
Cool 4.5/4/4.5
Heat 3.5/3/2
Moisture Removal L/H.r 0.9
Air Circulation m3/h 650/620/550/520/
Airflow distance m 10
EER W/W 4.03
COP W/W 4.49
Outdoor temperature range °C @ 30% humidity “-15 to +46 for cooling
-15 to +24 for heating”
Refrigerant (Type/kg) R32/0.7
Indoor Unit Noise Level (sound pressure) High Fan Speed (dB (A)) 39
Low Fan Speed (dB (A)) 25
Fan Only mode (dB (A)) 19
Outdoor Unit Noise Level (sound power) dB (A) 60
Voltage, Frequency, Phase 220-240V/50Hz-1Ph
Rated Current (Cooling) (Amp.) 2.8 (0.7~5.5)
Rated Current (Heating) (Amp.) 3.1 (0.8~6.4)
Expansion Device Capillary
Evaporator Copper tube and Aluminium Fin
Condenser Copper tube and Aluminium Fin
Piping Connection (Liquid line) inch 1/4
Piping Connection (Gas line) inch 3/8
Max Vertical Height Diff. between O.U. and I.U. m 20/10
Pre-charged Length m 10
Net Dimensions WxHxD (Indoor) (mm) 815×270×212
Net Weight (Indoor) (Kg) 8.5
Packing Dimensions WxHxD (Indoor) (mm) 870×335×265
Gross Weight (Indoor) (Kg) 11
Net Dimensions WxHxD (Outdoor) (mm) 780×540×260
Net Weight (Outdoor) (Kg) 25.5
Packing Dimensions WxHxD (Outdoor) (mm) 910×600×360
Gross Weight (Outdoor) (Kg) 28


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