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Hisense Air Conditioner | HSA71R| 7.1kW R32 Inverter | Reverse Cycle Split System Product Overview:

The Hisense 7.1kW Heat Pump Air Conditioner easily cools spaces in summer and warms them in winter. Heat Pump Air Conditioning technology works by absorbing heat energy from the outside air and transferring the heat into your home, while also doing the opposite when you need to cool your living space. This dual functionality makes it ideal for seasonal climates with cold winters and warm summers. Plus its 5-star energy rating means you’re reducing your energy use and emissions.



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System Indoor Outdoor Cooling kW Heating kW Install Price from:
HSA71R HSA71R-I HSA71R-O 7.1 8.0 $2,049.00

Note: Standard Installation price quoted and exclude add-ons.



Hisense Air Conditioners are equipped with a Silver Ion Filter, an anti-bacterial element that helps keep the air it circulates bacteria and impurities free. It is seen to prevent mould build-up and up to 99.99% of E.Coli. This is also at 97.14% effectivity when to S. aureus prevention, which is also known commonly as Staph.


Designed to be intuitive and intelligent, Hisense Airconditioners with the I FEEL mode, will not need to be adjusted manually yourself, as the remote is also equipped with a built-in digital thermometer that will adjust the temperature based on where it is located in the room.


Set and forget while allowing your Airconditioner unit to efficiently work on its own ending up consuming lesser electricity with lower bills, especially when it’s extra hot during summer or shockingly cold in winter.


Featuring a Quiet mode that every Hisense Air conditioner unit has, to let you enjoy a peaceful sleep at night, without the interference of even a gentle hum, which can still be distracting.

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  1. Jandy Smith

    this is worth a 5-star rating! I super love hisense air conditioner as it’s very friendly and comfortable to use. we are now enjoying our living space with my family without any problem about the air we breathe. this is cheaper than any other split systems, very good quality!

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