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Air Conditioning is a specialist trade and involves working with dangerous elements, such as hydrocarbon refrigerants.  Air Conditioning Technicians complete a 4-year apprenticeship and a National Certificate III in HVAC to receive a QBCC Mechanical Service Licence and a Full (RAC) National Refrigeration Handling Licence, issued by the Australian Refrigeration Council (Arc), to carry out air conditioning services. 

Electricians are not permitted to install split air conditioners without a Limited Refrigeration Handling licence.  To be competent for a Limited Arc licence, electrical tradesmen have to complete a Certificate II in Air Conditioning & Refrigeration 

On January 1, 2020 new regulations came into effect and Iis now illegal for Limited Arc licence holders to carry out HVAC services over the value of $3 300.  From January 1, 2022, all individuals or companies will be required to hold a QBCC mechanical services licence.


The holder of a full ‘RAC’ licence is qualified to; 

 Work with any air conditioning system, split system or otherwise, of any cooling capacity 

 Undertake all aspects of installation, service, repair, maintenance or decommissioning of air conditioning systems.   


The holder of a restricted ‘Splits’ licence is not qualified and not permitted to:  

 Work with any split system air conditioner of more than 18kW cooling capacity 

 Install multi head split system air conditioning systems  

 Carry out any service, repair or maintenance of any split system air conditioner. 


The one exception is single head split systems. Holders of a Certificate II qualification and a national refrigerant handling licence issued by the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) will still be able install a single head split air conditioning system without a QBCC licence if the value of the work is under $3,300. 

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Air conditioning maintenance

At Asset Aircon we take the hassle out of air conditioning maintenance.  We have developed our own commercial and domestic air conditioning maintenance and air conditioning repair program which is designed to designed to help you maintain a safe, comfortable, and efficient air conditioning system.  We maximise the energy efficiency of your air conditioner and give you the highest return on your capital investment during its lifespan. We use the Brisbane developed field technology software simPro which allows us to keep track of your air conditioner’s longevity and manage preventative maintenance. So you can enjoy the cool air and we will manage the rest!

Our commercial and residential air conditioning maintenance program

Did you know that airborne contaminants can cause an air conditioning system to lose up to 80% of its efficiency? That means higher running costs, reduced comfort from poor air quality, and reduced lifespan.  The team at Asset Aircon use the latest in advanced technology to treat mould, bacteria, and rust prevention. We use a product called Aeris Guard™ which is designed to clean and restore air conditioning coils, with minimal impact to the environment. From as little as $69 a split Acir

Air conditioning fault servicing

We don’t just find faults, we find solutions!

Asset Aircon’s professional team of engineers, technician and support staff are accredited with Connect Mobile technology. This technology combined with simPRO Software, streamline the downtime of your equipment by allowing continual communication between our office, your air conditioning system, and the technician. This allows our technicians to have on-site access to the history of your equipment and past performance to facilitate accurate diagnosis an attention to detail.

Here’s what you can expect from our technicians when we visit your premises for fault servicing:

  • Professional
  • Efficient
  • Inform you of any necessary repairs before going ahead
  • Utilise drop sheets where necessary
  • Vacuum/clean up any mess after we’ve finished and leave your property exactly how we found it
  • Issue you with a detailed job report after any work has been carried out

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