What is included in a standard maintenance?

At Asset Aircon & Elec we use qualified trade professionals to carry out air conditioning maintenances.  We care about you and the quality air you breathe in your home, office or consulting room. 

Since Covid-19 more people are working from home and using their air conditioners for longer and more often.   

Our standard Preventative Maintenance Programme includes: 

  • Test the overall Operation and Performance 
  • Clean, disinfect and deodorise air filters 
  • Test the Zone motors (for ducted systems) 
  • Check and clean the fan barrel (for split systems) 
  • Check all electrical connections, indoor and outdoor PCB’s 
  • Check PCB for any signs of ants, geckos and vermin attack 
  • Check and Flush Drain Pan 
  • Wash outdoor unit cabinet and check for rust contamination 
  • Check airflows Replacement of air filters (additional when needed) 
  • Make repair recommendations and Service Report 

Our maintenances carry a 6-month call back warranty, should your unit trouble shoot within the period your Service Call is on us. 

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