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What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need?

Getting the right size Air conditioner for your home is influenced by a few key factors that are vital for this to be cost-effective. Your Air condition should be able to provide a comfortable environment and stable temperatures, maintain and stay energy efficient for lesser power consumption, saving you money, and having lower mechanical stress on your machine will allow it to live longer since there is no need to set it at top speed every time, like what tends to be done when an underpowered unit is installed. So continue reading and learn how to identify what size of Air conditioner you need.

So you may be asking, what size air conditioner do I need for my house? Or what size air conditioner do I need for my room? Well, let’s dive into the details that we need to know so we can end up with the perfect size we need.

Three things you need to consider to know what size Air conditioner is needed

  1. The size of your room is not the only factor to consider
  2. The location and orientation, as well as the insulation, will play a big role
  3. Getting the right size means peak performance with energy-efficient consumption.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: You should never cut corners when identifying the right size Air conditioner you need, then ending up with an impulse purchase. Remember that getting an Air conditioner installed in your house or room is going to be a long-term commitment, while at the same time is also expensive. It means that any outcome of your decision will affect you directly or indirectly both in comfort and costs operationally, or simply your power bills. 

Making the wrong choice will mean that you will have to go through its repercussions for sure. So it is vital to do your homework, consult a professional, and once convinced then that is the proper time to give a go-ahead on installation.

So why not just go with the biggest air conditioner you can fit in your space? Well, it is not always a good option to take as this will also increase the upfront costs for you, which will then go to waste since you will not be able to fully utilize all of what you have paid for.

What size of Air conditioner should I Choose?

Now, going back to what we discussed earlier, let’s dive into the details so we can start thinking about which size to get. But this is not foolproof, so make sure to consult professionals to make sure you are on the right track.

The four major factors that influence the size of Air conditioner you will need

These factors I have indicated below are the basic ones that don’t need you to be a professional to understand and comprehend. These are obvious and can be identified without using any special tools or formulas. 

Take note that this doesn’t mean that it’s the only thing to consider, but, focusing on these four items, regarding the room you want to be installed with, will already give you a better picture of what size Air conditioner is needed for it. 

  1. Room size: we need to identify the total cubic space of the entire room and not just the floor area. Higher ceilings require more output, hence the bigger size.
  2. Insulation: check the level of insulation your room has as it plays a key role in regulating temperatures.
  3. Location: where you live is another thing to consider, if you are in a place where heat levels surge, then it should be considered as a factor to measure the size of the air conditioner.
  4. Orientation: the direction where your room is facing, also plays a key role. When your room is directly facing West, with no shade or coverage, you will be subjected to direct midday and afternoon sun, which will increase the temperature in your room and will require more cooling capacity from your air conditioner.

Table for Room size and Capacity Guide:

Room Size in Cubic MetresApproximate Capacity Required
20m2 or less2-2.5kW
20 to 40m22.5-5kW
40 to 60m24-6kW
60m2 or more5-9kW

Why not leave it with the professionals?

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