Optimal Sleeping Temperature

What Is The Optimal Sleeping Temperature?

What is the optimal sleeping temperature you ask? That depends on whom you’re posing such a question too! A woman in her late 40s or early 50s might be going through menopause, and any increase in temperatures above 20-degrees will give her sleepless nights. The same cannot be said for a newborn baby who has a sensitive constitution and can’t say anything when the heat gets too much. Rooms that are too hot, too cold, or draughty will impact the quality of your sleep. For a majority of people, their body heat fluctuates during the day, peaking in the late afternoon to early evening. It then drops and starts to cool down to prepare your body for sleep.

For adults, the most optimal sleeping temperature is between 15 and 19-degrees Celsius while it is higher, at 18 to 21-degrees Celsius for babies and toddlers. Cool temperatures help your body maintain a steady temperature and helps to prevent sweats and insomnia. It is in contrast with what occurs when your body is feeling too cold, which is to use more energy to warm you up, making the sleeping process more difficult. The optimal sleeping temperature will not only help you fall asleep faster but also improve your metabolism and help you enjoy a more restful sleep.

Sleeping in cool conditions allows for better-quality REM and deep sleep. These are two essential aspects that will lead you to operate at your very best during the day. What happens during REM sleep is that your brain processes learnings and consolidates memories while you’re dreaming. During deep sleep, your body works to restore and repair muscles and tissue. A cool body will result in a deep sleep, but if the temperatures are too hot, then the result will be less time spent in deep sleep and less sleep entirely.

To keep your room temperature stable during the evening, make sure to keep the windows closed when the sun goes down. That is because the outdoor temperature can vary and affect the consistency of the temperature in the room. Another excellent method is to close the curtains and blinds to keep out the sunlight and the warmth it brings. The darker the room is, the deeper sleep. You can also wear socks to bed if you are comfortable doing so because keeping your limbs warm will help dilate the blood vessels. The dilation will facilitate better redistribution of heat throughout your body.

A cool environment to lay your head at night will help you sleep quicker and allow your body to rest. When you wake up, you will be feeling better than ever and ready for a productive day. For reliable temperature control in your home and bedroom, you can rely on air conditioners from Asset Air.

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