Temperature for home and office

What are the ideal temperatures at home and in the office?

If you work in an office, you might be aware of the air conditioning tough-of-war. Whilst someone might come into work in a summer dress

and insist on air conditioning being set to 27-degrees Celsius, their male counterpart in long trousers might be more tempted to opt for a 22-degree Celsius setting. But who is in the right?

Commercial air conditioning can be the making or breaking of your office productivity, no one likes to work in uncomfortable conditions, and being too hot or too cold can take the focus off work and onto the great office debate of I’m too hot/cold.

The standard Australian commercial lease will state that the office must be kept at a constant temperature of between 20 – 24 degrees, and whilst this might be a little cold for some, the owner can be seen to be breaking the terms of the lease should they raise the temperate.

By lowering the air conditioning and raising the temperature slightly, not only can it help thaw the staff a little, but it can also reduce bills and your carbon footprint.

Whilst outside might be hot, lowering the temperature inside simply does just that, it lowers the office temperature. So, when you left the house in the morning dressed for summer, you might find that you should have dressed for colder climates.

So, what is the ideal office temperature?

Whilst personal preference does play a part it appears that gender might also play a hand in the perfect temperature. Women tend to be more susceptible to the cold than men, so finding the perfect temperature for all might need some compromise on both sides.

Age and weight also play a part in the most comfortable temperature setting.

Getting it just right

So how do you get the temperature just right so that all sexes, ages, and weights are taken into account? A little trial and error will need to be exercised to find the best temperature for your staff. It might mean some people have to bring in a cardigan and others might want to add a desk fan for their comfort but finding the perfect office temperature is personal to each and every office.

Too hot, too cold, or, just right? Well, that depends on your team.

 Air conditioning that puts your comfort first

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