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The Dangers Of Gas Leaks From Split aircons and Multi-Split AirCon Systems

Air conditioning systems bring great relief to homeowners during the long summer months, so much so that when a malfunction occurs, it can tend to be overlooked. However, we’re here to let you know that the dangers of ignoring the problem significantly outweigh being without your precious split aircons and multi-split system in the event of a potential gas leak.

So, what can cause these leaks, and how can you detect one? Leaks can arise due to various problems, including poorly installed systems, mechanical damage to refrigerant lines, a malfunctioning Shrader valve, or even leaky connections. Detecting a leak isn’t too tricky if you’re aware of the signs. Some of these include the smell of gas in the air, the refrigerant pipes are stained, you hear a faint humming sound near the thermostat pipe, or you could invest in a flame burner test which is a quick and reliable way to know if something isn’t right.

Now that we are up to scratch with the logistics of spotting a gas leak let’s see how your family and Gold Coast home may be in danger if this issue is not sorted out pronto. 

A Major Health Hazard 

Simply put, gas in the air is never going to be good for anyone’s health, especially in smaller spaces with little ventilation. Headaches and nausea are unwanted but are mild effects that gas can have on human health if inhaled. The worst case is far more dangerous and includes side effects such as cracking skin, convulsion, skin cancer, and ongoing heart problems. There have even been recorded cases of asphyxiation, so we highly recommend against taking any chances. 

Electricity Bills Through The Roof 

A leak will be the direct cause of your electricity bills skyrocketing. This is because it’s working far harder to do the job and this, in turn, puts a massive amount of pressure on the compressor, which becomes weaker and more vulnerable over days of excessive use. 

Damaged Air Con System

When an aircon is used during the period, it starts leaking. It can cause irreversible damage to the compressor. This is an expensive replacement and one that will need to happen if you want to carry on enjoying regulated air temperatures within your space. It’s far less of a splurge to repair a leaking aircon, so we urge you not to wait around.

There is simply no point in taking chances with a potential gas leak in your aircon. These multi-split systems are vulnerable to experiencing problems, and for a variety of reasons, so it’s best to implement regular maintenance checks. If you’re seeking assistance for air conditioning maintenance in Gold Coast, contact us right away, and we will be sure to advise and assist with any concerns you may have in regards to your aircon.