Protect Yourself Against Allergens

Protect Yourself Against Allergens in Your Home – A Four Step Guide!

These days, sneezing may land you a two-week vacation in an isolation ward so it is better to take the preventative measures necessary to ensure you don’t sneeze in the wrong direction or contract a virus you don’t want. Below we have four helpful tips to stay fresh this allergy season and to clean your indoor air so you can breathe freely knowing that you’re Covid-19 free as well allergy-free!

# 1 – If I Can’t Breathe Neither Can You

While staying inside, you don’t need to wear a mask, but in some indoor spaces you may just have to. To avoid being suffocated indoors be sure that your air conditioning unit is working well, that it’s free of mould, and continues to produce clean air. If you’re smelling something a bit funky and musty, it might be time to call in the professionals! And we don’t mean the Ghost Busters!

# 2- It Is All Dirty

You would think that after years of medical advances that someone would have helped us poor pollen and dust sufferers with something more than an antihistamine and a nasal spray, right? Alas, we are not so lucky! When you are beginning to feel the stinging in your eyes and the pain in your nose, reach for a good quality antihistamine before the puffiness in your eyes makes you look as though you have been crying for weeks. Instead, look at installing a high-quality air conditioner in your office space or home means no puffy eyes or runny nose, with you breathing clearer air, that doesn’t have you reaching for the tissues every two minutes!

# 3- Flush Me Out

Congestion and mucus can cause some serious secondary infections if not cleared out quickly enough! So, grab a nasal rinse and feel your soul leave your body through your nostril. Better yet, call in the professionals to give your malfunctioning aircon unit a great spring clean and repair if necessary. As experts, we suggest cleaning your aircon units coming into winter and again in spring!

 # 4 – Sometimes We Can’t Blame The Flowers!

Just like a woman knows her triggers, you should know when your aircon is starting to descend into its death. Just as it is easy to say that your congested nasal passages are due to the flowers spreading their seeds, it’s easy to think your aircon is working properly when it’s not! Having an expert assess and test out your unit is the best way to ensure that you know the cause of the problem. It could be the flowers; but it could be a dying aircon? And no one wants a dying aircon!

If you are tired of struggling with the bad air in your indoor space or air pollution in general, why not contact us to cool things down and clean things up? Make sure your indoor air is clean with the best air cons out there. Asset Aircon services and repairs air conditioners from Palm Beach to Pacific Pines, from Paradise Point to Pimpama and beyond! Contact Asset Aircon today at 0755 961 033 or contact us at [email protected].