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It’s Thunderstorm Season! Is your aircon ready?

Thunderstorm season is fast approaching. But why are we talking about this? We aren’t here to send you constant alerts about severe thunderstorm warnings about large hailstones. However, that being said, we are here to tell you to just keep an eye out on your aircon this season!

Some of you may wonder if your air conditioners are affected by stormy weather, and the answer is no. However, stormy conditions like lightning or heavy rain and strong winds can lead to other issues that will affect your indoor and outdoor unit.

If a power surge were to occur, it can damage your air conditioner by tripping the circuit breaker or damage the electrical wires within the unit. After a lightning strike, the damages aren’t always instant. Over the next few weeks or months, you might start to notice your aircon doesn’t work as well as it did. It may have damaged the capacitor, blown a fuse, tripped the circuit, burned wires, or damaged the compressor. It may sound ridiculous, but it’s cheaper to replace a kettle than an air conditioner after a power surge.

If your aircon does trip after a power surge, turn your thermostat off and then reset the breaker (this is usually in your garage, laundry room, basement, or wherever the builders wanted to put it). Wait 30 minutes, as your aircon needs some time to reset its internal circuit breaker after a power outage. After waiting, turn the aircon on to ‘cool’, and it should kickstart back on! If it doesn’t, it means it’s time to call the professionals! And we don’t mean the ghostbusters to come and collect your deceased unit.

However, the stormy seasons can also impact your outdoor units. Heavy rain, hail, or strong winds, may damage the unit. Once the storm has passed, clear away any debris and check for wear and tear.

While you may think that nothing is wrong with your unit after a storm this season, ensure to get the air conditioner services and maintenance after the storm season to ensure that nothing it broken or damaged. Call the team at Air Conditioning Gold Coast | Asset Aircon & Elec today at 07 5596 1033 or email us at [email protected] to get you ready for the storm season!