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Introducing The Hisense Range

Families all around the Gold Coast enjoy HVAC air conditioning systems, and the Hisense range is a favorable choice for many. What do these air conditioning systems have to offer? They promise high-intensity cooling during the long, hot Australian summer months, drying during the humid months, lowering the moisture in the room and warmth in the wintertime, keeping you in a state of bliss all year round.

In a nutshell, HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. In other words, everything you’ll ever need in one neat and tidy package. Multiple positive reviews on the functionality of these systems prove their diversity while they please customers with their dual functionality. Better yet, the sleek designs offer Wi-fi features, which allow happy homeowners and office attendees to have full control wherever they may be.

Some other incredible benefits of installing these systems into your living or working spaces are as follows.

Wide Range Of Temperature Options

Amazingly, these machines can produce a wide range of extreme temperatures starting as low as -15°C to a whopping high of 52°C! Of course, you won’t require such extremes here in Australia. However, the proof is in the pudding – having one of these installed will provide thermal comfort and heat relief for all-year-round satisfaction. The Hisense range also offers a quiet mode optimized to keep noise levels to a minimum, making sure the whole family gets a good night’s sleep. 

Energy Efficient

One of the most exciting and relevant features of the Hisense range is that they’re designed to save as much energy as possible a fantastic choice for environmentalists. Implementing eco-friendly variations of everyday gadgets is an important part of taking care of the environment.

Peaksmart enabled the Hisense Airconditioning range offers the opportunity to claim government rebates

Installing premium quality HVAC air conditioning systems in your Gold Coast home is going to be a game-changer as you discover the different modes to assist in keeping your family comfortable as the seasons change. Based on reviews and feedback, the Hisense range stands out as a top option for Australian families who are looking to enjoy the cool and dry air conditioning features in summer and cozy warmth during the cooler days. Enjoy cleaner air with the Silver Ion Filter technology, free from bacteria and impurities.

At Asset Aircons, we provide top-quality products and we guarantee to leave your home as clean as it was when we arrived. That’s our guarantee and promise. For more assistance or to get started with yours, get in touch now.