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How To Make HVAC Air Conditioner Dealer Warranty Claims Easy!

Summer is cooking, literally, and suddenly your favourite piece of HVAC, the split unit air conditioner, breaks gas and stops.

Sweating like a prawn on an underperforming barbie, you furiously try and Google the manufacturer’s claims department to scream for help. The sweat droplets on the screen make that a tad difficult, and you’re about to shove your phone up the aircon gas pipe.

Pause, mate, you don’t have to do that if you had the equipment supplied, installed, and maintained by the cool team at Air Conditioning Gold Coast | Asset Aircon & Elec.

Advice #1

Contact us, and we will whip out the equipment’s warranty. This document will protect you from paying the full repair or replacement cost during the warranty period.

Because you used Asset Aircon, a licensed and experienced installer, your unit was installed according to manufacturer guidelines so no void of warranty there.

Advice #2

It is really important to note that most air conditioner warranties do not cover the following:

  • Bad installation by unlicensed installers.
  • Poor or incorrect maintenance by unlicensed service agents.
  • Damage or failure caused by improper installation.
  • Failure to maintain the equipment at the required times.
  • Accidents, fire, flood and lightning, and ‘acts of God’. Luckily most house insurance policies offer to cover some of these. Check the units after a major power surge or storm and call us if anything looks out of place.
  • Faulty gas valve changes. Again, not covered if done by an unlicensed agent.
  • Replacement filters, replacement refrigerant if the original fluid leaks, and outdoor pads are not covered.
  • Add-ons. Damage from equipment or accessories not authorised for use with the original equipment.
  • Unmatched equipment. Suppose the equipment is incorrectly specified and is pushed beyond its manufacturing capacity.

Advice #3:

Asset Aircon guarantees our artistry. All our awesome technicians are licensed and experienced thoroughly in air conditioning installation, maintenance, and service work. And they are passionate about it and your happiness with the outcome.

Advice #4:

The sweat is now blinding you, and you’re tired of reading. Here is what to do to file an air conditioner warranty claim on the Gold Coast:

1) Contact Asset Aircon online or by phoning 07 5596 1033.

2) We will ask you to please e-mail your proof of purchase along with your address and contact details.

3) The attentive staff member will immediately book a trained and qualified technician to visit your home, office, or factory to diagnose the problem. In the hottest months, we get a lot of calls from non-Asset Aircon clients who have a problem on their hands and are desperate for a company that delivers what they say they will. This means we can’t always get to you within the hours. We do bend over backwards, forwards and sideways to get to warranty claims at least with a day or day and a half.

4) We will then communicate with the manufacturer who will assess what is submitted and approve your warranty claim. Some replacement parts are from another state, and some are imported from overseas.

5) When the part arrives, the trained and qualified technician will book a convenient time with you for them to return to get your air conditioner pumping chillness all over you.

If you have a claim and you are an Asset Aircon client, stay chilled and contact us immediately!  Our amazing team will eagerly handle your claim, pushing everyone involved to get your chillness back ASAP. Remember to keep that machine of cool joy serviced, so you never have to claim. The air conditioner maintenance is done in greater Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Scenic Rim, and Northern Rivers (NSW) and beyond! Call us today on 07 5596 1033 or email us at [email protected].