Heaters vs Air Conditioning

Heater vs Air Conditioning, Which is the Cheapest?

This morning felt so much colder than usual as temperatures plunge to 1.8C at Canungra in Gold Coast Hinterland while much of the city drops below single digits, it suddenly hit me: Do I go cheap and duck out to the shops to get an electric heater? Or do I invest in something more efficient and permanent like a reverse cycle air conditioner?

Once-off cost and Installation.

With no installation required and a low once-off cost, a portable electric heater offers immediate gratification in a cold snap. Heaters are widely available, and prices start at around $35.00.

On the other hand, reverse-cycle air conditioners range from about $1,300 for a 2.5kw split system to between $8,000 – $15,000 for a ducted system.

Which one is cheaper in the long term?

Reverse-cycle air conditioners are by far the winner when it comes to saving on your electricity bills. They’re fantastic for heating and offer a wide range of solutions. For example, a 2.5kW Reverse-cycle air conditioner is perfect for bedrooms, home offices, and small lounge rooms.

Ducted air conditioning systems are great for heating large open-plan spaces like a combined living room and kitchen area, and they use less energy, and they are ultimately better for the environment.

Best of all, your reverse cycle air conditioner will keep you cool in the warmer months and even dry in our Gold Coast humid weather conditions.

Portable electric heaters are ideal for small spaces for a short period of time. But they are far from energy-efficient and therefore likely more expensive to heat Gold Coast Homes. You’ll likely see a hike in your energy bill, particularly if you’re running multiple heaters in different rooms.

According to CHOICE experts, portable electric heaters can cost almost three times as much to run on average than a reverse-cycle air conditioner (based on heating six hours a day over 12 weeks in a moderate winter). 

Now that you understand how to save big bucks on heating, you should get in touch with our friendly team and arrange a quotation for a new reverse cycle air conditioner! At Air Conditioning Gold Coast | Asset Aircon & Elec, we provide top-range air conditioning products, installation services, maintenance, and repairs to clients across the Gold Coast. To get in touch, click here.