Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning You Need To Know About

In times of extreme weather conditions, there is truly nothing better than having a quality air conditioning system to provide you with a moderate and comfortable temperature.

When it comes to installing an air conditioning system into a residential or commercial property, you basically have two options available to you: split air conditioning systems and ducted air conditioning systems. But, which one do you choose?

Ducted air conditioning provides a comprehensive solution as it can cater to an entire building, while split systems are isolated. While each option has its own set of pros and cons, our professional team here at Asset Aircon is continuously impressed with the benefits that come with ducted air conditioning systems, some of which include:

Almost Silent

The noise that comes along with split system air conditioning can be a little distracting, especially in an office environment where it can distract employees and reduce productivity. Ducted air conditioning systems are a far quitter and allow for you to get a good night’s sleep and to concentrate on your work with no noisy interruptions, as the compressor is usually situated somewhere outside your building.

Simple To Use

Do you struggle when it comes to technology? Well, there is no need to worry when it comes to a ducted air conditioning system as it is very simple to control using a keypad, which has just enough settings to cover all of the temperature control needs.

Comprehensive Solution

Ducted air conditioning provides a whole home solution or business solution. You can cool or warm your entire property by a simple touch, and fast. Many modern homeowners are opting for ducts as they provide a comprehensive solution for their home or office.


While it may sound as if ducted air conditioning is just a one-stop solution for the entire home, zoning allows you to choose which rooms to focus on so that you don’t waste electricity on rooms that are not in use. This isolation gives you complete control over the temperature in each section of your home or office, ensuring that everyone is happy and comfortable!

Cohesive Look

The seamless look of ducted air cons is one of the biggest drawcards for this option. All ducts and vents are built into your home’s internal structure, making the system virtually invisible when compared to the bulky vents and compressors of the wall units used in split systems. With this in mind, interior aesthetics will not be compromised.

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