5 Ways to Fix Air Conditioner!

5 Ways to Fix Air Conditioner!

When Aussie temperatures soar outside, and you find yourself with a broken air conditioner, and you start sweating buckets, you need a plan and fast! While it is always preferred that you seek the help of a professional, why not do some research first. When your sweat patches start growing, you have no time to wait for a professional. Why not try your hand at it first, you may find you are more like Bob The Builder than you think you are! After reading this blog you will find yourself saying, ‘I know five ways to fix my air conditioner’. Here are some tips from Asset Aircon & Elec.

Get Started, But Don’t Get Electrocuted

If you’re comfortable and know your way around with electricity and appliances and have a general know-how about air conditioners, then get started. If you’re a woman and don’t have a toolbox, borrow your husband’s tools. Grab an adjustable wrench, drill, insulated screwdriver, multimeter, needle-nose pliers, nut driver, socket set, and voltage tester. Most importantly, don’t forget to turn off the main power to the house. We don’t want you getting electrocuted so turn off the power to the house!

Check The System

First up, the obvious solution! Switch the AC on and off – the go-to method for any owner of an electrical device. Then, lower the setting on the temperature panel, which kicks in the fan. If you don’t hear the beautiful sound of a newly moving fan, we would recommend you call Asset Aircon. Our maintenance team would be happy to help!

Do These Simple Fixes For Dummies

If your air conditioner is dispelling cold air or not running correctly, increasing the sweat on your forehead, do these simple fixes. Check that the air conditioner filter is clean or replace it if need be. Then clean and deice the coils. Change the fan switch from auto to on, and you might fix the AC problem – hoorah! Still not working? Well then allow the blower to run for 30 minutes and turn the air conditioner back on.

Fix The Problem By Testing The Fuses

Check that the fuses in the air conditioner are not blown. If they are, there is a failing part inside the air conditioner which needs to be replaced. New fuses are inexpensive and just as simple to install. Yes, even women can do this!

Check For Rodents’ Nests – And Rats Left Fried In The AC

There’s nothing more annoying than rodents and the mess they leave! The AC may be acting up simply because of these little Australian critters. Remove the panel and check for any nests. Then check for any chew marks on electrical connectors and wires. You’ll probably find that these were caused by a dead rat who found his untimely death.  Found broken or chewed wires? Then with every care in the world to avoid fatal electrocution, it’s best to get the help of an expert who’ll safely handle electrical repairs of the cables.

If the five ways to fix your air conditioner fail then book an appointment with one of the Asset Aircon & Elec technicians now. Sometimes DIY is a Do-Not, so get in touch with us instead of risking your safety and the condition of your aircon. We service and repair air conditioners from Labrador to Lower Beechmont, to Luscombe and beyond.