2022 Best tips for Ducted Air conditioning Gold Coast Air Conditioning.

What is ducted air conditioning?

When it comes to cooling or heating your home, ducted air conditioning is undoubtedly the best home solution for medium to large dwellings.  Compared to other air conditioning solutions, like split air conditioners or window air conditioners, ducted systems can cool or heat more than one or two rooms at a time.

Ducted systems have multiple ducts that connect to the indoor unit to disburse the cool air in summer or hot air in winter throughout the entire home using inverter technology. Ducted air conditioners now feature zoning capabilities to initiate different comfort settings in every room. You can shut off the air supply to rooms that are not in use and increase the airflow to rooms where you need it more. The fan motor on the indoor unit improves energy-efficient airflow; some allow up to 15 different fan speed settings that the controller can be programmed remotely to match the airflow to the ductwork and cross-pass back to the heat exchanger on the outdoor unit.

Older ducted systems relied on bigger pipe sizes between the outdoor heat exchanger coil. By reducing the copper pipe sizes, modern ducted systems have less temperature loss resulting in increased output and energy-efficient design.

The best system will always be the most compact casing to fit into your roof space. Gold Coast air conditioning often competes with tight roof spaces, and often the best ducted system is the make and model that deliver a compact condenser that makes the placement possible.

Convenience and easy operation are crucial factors in determining the best system for home air conditioning. Most modern designs offer control at your fingertips by using Zone controllers that integrate with wireless LAN adaptors and smartphone apps that connect through your home Wi-Fi remotely with an internet connection.

How much to install ducted air conditioning?

By this time, you have done your research, and you have an idea of your available roof space, the total number of rooms that need air conditioning, and your control comfort expectations. It becomes a number-crunching exercise to compare brands, warranty periods, and installation costs.

Comparing brands can be a difficult task, at Asset Aircon & Elec we offer expert advice on leading brands ranging from Daikin, Mitsibutshi Heavy, Carrier, Actron, and Rinnai to help you make an informed decision. We are also the warranty agents for some of the leading air conditioner brands.

The actual asking price will depend on the size of your home, including the number of floors, outlets and zones. Many existing properties on the Gold Coast are not adequately insulated, plus modern open-plan designs rely on air conditioning to keep the space comfortable. Often, these spaces have large windows with full sun penetration resulting in additional radiant heat loading factors considered when calculating the size.  For a tailored quotation, give our expert team a call for a free quote or visit our website https://www.assetaircon.com.au/contact-us/ for a call-back.

How much does ducted air conditioning cost to run?

Inverter technology has improved the overall energy efficiency of all types of air conditioning and made it far more cost-effective for most households.

Ask yourself the following questions?

How often and how long do you run your air conditioner?

What do you pay for electricity usage?

How many zones do you require for your home?

Is it a single or double floor level?

Any heat-load or heat-loss factors contribute to your energy requirements?

In April 2022, Canstar conducted a case study on how much it costs to run a ducted system in Queensland.  

The study consists of a standard house with a 20kW ducted air conditioner with six zones with an average 6kW output; the air conditioner ran about 80 hrs per quarter, and the electricity rate 24c/kWh.  

The case study factored that although the system’s maximum output capacity is 20kW, the system will only use about 480kW of electricity per quarter. If an aircon system is ideally suited to the space, the system will not have to perform at full capacity and therefore run energy efficient. The household air conditioning bill will be about $115.20 each quarter and $460.00 per year to run the ducted air conditioner.

If you are looking at saving money on your Gold Coast Air Conditioning, one of the best ways is to replace an inefficient air conditioning system that is running at total capacity and costing you more to cool your heat in your home with an inverter ducted system.

How much does it cost to install a ducted air conditioner?

The average base installation cost of a ducted system range as follows:

12kw – 14kw starting from $1250 to $1500

14kW – 18KW starting from $1500 to $1750

20kW – 30kW starting from $2000 to $2500

Other features such as zoning and programming, number of ducts, roof cavity access and complexity of the installation will add to the costs. Other costs that are factored into the final price will be the cost of the unit, transport to site, removal of packaging and disposing according to recycling stipulations, fit and test and the level of skilled labour required to complete the installation.  

The installation cost of a ducted air conditioning system will primarily be spent on labour. Ducted systems require two special trade licenses: one, a refrigeration license, and two, an electrical license.  So, choosing a novice to cut costs is not a good option.  

It is better to use a full-service quote to supply and install a new ducted air conditioning system. Asset Aircon & Elec offer free installation quotes that include measuring up, size and capacity calculations, brand selection, and assisting you in making the best decision for your Gold Coast Air Conditioning system. We take pride in our technicians who are fully licensed to take care of electrical and gas fittings & re-gassing older systems.  We are open Monday to Friday and offer quotation appointments after hours and weekends