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Why Did My Air Conditioner Stop Working?

It’s the middle of summer, with no relief from the high temperatures, and your air conditioner has been working overtime to keep you cool through the long days. But before you know it, it’s suddenly switched off, and you feel yourself sweating profusely pleading for your aircon unit to work again.

Of course, trying to turn it off and on with your remote is your first move, just in case you accidentally switched it off (we’ve all done it!).  And then you may even start banging the batteries about trying to keep your blood pressure down – all valiant efforts. But slowly, the dread will begin to creep in, and you’ll quickly realise that you may need to start Googling “air conditioning repairs on the Gold Coast” urgently.

Once you’ve hit “Search” and are waiting for the repairman, have a look at these common reasons why your air conditioner may have malfunctioned and avoid them in the future:

Poor Maintenance

Sometimes we take our air conditioners for granted, especially in summer, and forget that much like any appliance in our home – they need to be cleaned regularly for better performance. Poor maintenance may lead to blockages in your filters, and dirty coils, and that can cause your air conditioner not to work effectively or at all, because of obstructions.

Iced Units

Another common problem that we often encounter is the build-up of ice on units. And while it may be summer, this can still sometimes occur, which can be a nightmare to resolve or clean up if you aren’t a professional. Although it may seem like a simple problem, it can be a significant indicator that there is a problem within the unit, such as components that have been affected.

Human Error

Even though air conditioner remote controls can appear to be some sort of high-tech equipment, many of us still seem to ignore the manuals that the device came with. How hard could it be to understand all these tiny icons, right? However, sometimes you may find your little ones have run amok on your remote and have put on timers unintentionally or changed temperature settings. It can be an annoying problem to have but calling out a professional can quickly diagnose what the issue is and assist you with the correct settings.

A non-functioning unit can often be the most inconvenient situation, especially in the blistering heat, and may have you frantically scouring your house for the manual to try and resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Though this may save you a few dollars, it’s not the best financial decision if you don’t know how to repair air conditioners, and that’s why we always recommend that you call out reliable and trusted professionals, like us! We are the experts at air conditioning repairs on the Gold Coast and can have you up and the rest of the family relaxing in an air-conditioned home in no time.

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