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Which Cool Air Conditioner Product Should You Choose & How Long Does The A.C. Warranty Last?

When summer turns the heat on, you will long for days and nights that are calmed with an air conditioner, no matter where you are. Many questions need to be asked before buying. One of them is what kind of system should I purchase, and another important one is about the warranty.

To help you get cool this summer, we are going to run through some options with you and share some need-to-know industry info on systems, warranties and brands.

Split System

The most commonly purchased unit, is a Split System air conditioner. This is used in houses, units, apartments and offices. It’s called a split system because the two main parts are split between the inside and the outside of the building. They can service areas such as bedrooms, lounge rooms, living rooms, offices, waiting areas, or even the man cave.

You can expect effective cooling and heating even with outdoor temperatures as high as 50o Celsius and as low as -15 o Celsius (if you want to know how the eskmos feel). Split system air conditioning installations have a maximum distance of 25m between the two pieces of the air conditioner equipment.

This type of unit also suits offices and hotel rooms. Hotel guests often prefer the more precise temperature control available from a split unit versus ducted air conditioning. Other brands that supply split units are:

  • Panasonic (5-year warranty*)
  • Daikin (5-year warranty)
  • Hisense (5-year warranty)
  • Mitsubishi (5-year)
  • Actron (5-year residential warranty, 2 years commercial*)
  • Advantage Air (10-year mechanical warranty, 5-year electrical*)
  • Carrier (5-year warranty*)
  • Toshiba (7-year warranty).

All of these brands can be supplied to all areas in and around the Gold Coast, the Scenic Rim, and the Northern Rivers region (NSW).

Multi-Split Systems

Like the product above, this is split into two parts. There is still only one piece of equipment outside (the condenser), but inside there are multiple conditioner units in different areas.

This system suits a medium to large home, office or boutique hotel. Multi-split systems are available in the reverse cycle, cooling and heating, or as cooling units only. The reverse cycle options work as dehumidifiers and air filters which is a healthy option for your home.

Because each interior is different, various rooms may require other size air conditioners. It is not all about temperature but also about the quietness of the motor for different scenarios.

There are also Smartphone application controls which means you can operate the units when away from your beloved home.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning is often classed as a luxury purchase. It is best suited when you have many rooms to cool or heat. With each one, you can adjust it by shutting off rooms or areas you don’t wish to heat or cool. This allows you to control it when the kids turn it on without asking you. Ducted air conditioning is the perfect solution for large houses with many rooms, as well as hotels, restaurants, and offices.

So whether your building a brand new house, or rennervating an existing one. A Ducted air conditioning is a life time investment for you and your home. Control the temperature all year round, whether it be a hot Gold Coast summer, or a chilly winter night with ducted air conditioning. Making the wrong choice can result in inefficient air conditioning in your home, making you uncomfortable. Talk with the experts from Asset Aircon today, and let’s talk about the best solution for you!

Commercial VRV/VRF Air Conditioning Installation

If it is a large office block, hotel or mall, then you should consider a VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume)/VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) Thank god for the abriviations, am I right? This gives you the latest in technology for commercial installations; it is energy efficient, quiet and provides the flexibility of control.

Heres a quick history lesson for you.  The technology was first manufactured in the 1980s by air conditioning giant Daikin who trademarked the term VRV. Other Brands have since come on board with the same type of technology but instead, use the name VRF.

This may sound a bit like a child saying vroom-vroom as they ram their toy car into your ankle but what it is is a multi-split system type of air conditioner with a substantial central outdoor condenser. This system of air conditioning is the most advanced cooling system on the market.

Closed Control Computer Room Air Conditioning Services

Now, we move into the domain of sensitive and vitally important I.T. hardware, essentially the brains that run it all.  All medium to large buildings, including a growing number of homes, have a closed control computer room on-site to house the electronic brains.

It is vital that servers are housed in a monitored, temperature-controlled environment. This is done using a Close Control Unit (CCU), also known as Precision Air Conditioning, Close Control Air Conditioner (CCAC), or a Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC).

So, we have gone from V.V.s to C.C.s. We do love our acronyms in the HVAC industry… (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning). Has the top of your head popped off yet?

Chilled Water Systems

As the name suggests, CWS uses water instead of refrigerant. These are complex systems and are most commonly found on-site at commercial and industrial premises. There are considerable energy cost savings as CWS can be cheaper to operate for large premises.

Other vital benefits of a CWS is that it reduces the hazards of having piped refrigerant throughout your building. Water is non-corrosive, non-toxic and has a specific heat value.

CWS lasts longer than air-cooled systems. There are reciprocating, centrifugal, and absorption chilled water systems. Depending on your site, environmental specifications and building requirements, your HVAC professionals can guide you as to which version of CWS would suit your needs or, indeed, another system completely.

The options continue as do the specifications and before we bore you with all the options, we welcome you to contact Asset Aircon today.  Asset Aircon can help you with all you air-conditioner needs, providing maintenance and repair services from Palm Beach to Pimpama, Paradise Point to Parkwood, and beyond! We can assist you in all your aircon needs, and calculate the correct solution for you. Call us today on 07 5596 1033 or email on on [email protected]

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