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Tips and Tricks to a successful air-con warranty claim.

You’re in the heat of summer and suddenly without any warning, your Gold Coast air conditioner decides to play up like Miley Cyrus! Pouring with sweat after a cold shower and now you’re at the stage that you could ‘wrecking ball’ the entire HVAC industry!  But then, you remember you have an air conditioner warranty in place.  You quickly google the manufacturer to get it sorted.

You wait at the door expecting the technician to roll up in a van and have your machine working this very minute!  Frustration knocks at the door and you now finding out that air conditioner warranties are ‘limited warranties’ because they do not cover everything that can go wrong with the equipment at any time or for any reason.

Don’t despair, here at Asset Aircon we are happy to walk you through your warranty document. This information will protect you from paying the full repair or replacement cost during the warranty period.

First step; Keep an eye on the section in your warranty document that stipulates – How to Void your HVAC Warranty

The good news is that you hired a licensed and experienced installer to assist you in selecting your Gold Coast air conditioning equipment that installed it according to manufacturer guidelines.

According to most air conditioner warranties, the following are not defects due to workmanship in the production line and are therefore NOT COVERED.

  1. Bad installation, poor maintenance or anything other than defective parts or assembly: Damage or failure caused by improper installation, failure to maintain the equipment, accidents, fire, flood and lightning and ‘acts of God’.  Luckily most house insurance policies offer to cover the above.  Keep an eye on storm damage and check your equipment after a major power surge.  You don’t want to miss out on claiming accurately.
  2. Faulty gas valve changes: Damage caused by poor installations, here at Asset Aircon, clients are guaranteed of our workmanship.  Our technicians are licensed and experienced in air conditioning installation, maintenance and service work.
  3. Non-covered parts: Replacement filters, replacement refrigerant if the original fluid leaks and outdoor pads.
  4. Unqualified installers: Covered equipment if it is not installed by a qualified HVAC technician.
  5. Moving the system: Once installed and moved to another location the warranty is voided.
  6. Add-ons: Damage caused by installing the unit with equipment or accessories not authorised for use with the equipment.
  7. Unmatch equipment: Equipment that doesn’t match in capacity is not covered by warranty.
  8. Damage caused by ants, gecko and rodents. Damage to electrical cables, PC Boards and other parts are excluded from your warranty claim.

Quick tips on what to do to file an air conditioner warranty claim on the Gold Coast:

You can check with Asset Aircon any time through the website www.assetaircon.com.au or by phoning 07 5596 1033 if you are unclear on anything.  You will be requested to e-mail your proof of purchase along with your address and contact details.  The friendly staff will book a trained and qualified technician to attend to a call to diagnose the problem.

In peak season you may not be able to get a technician out within the hour, however, we try to get to warranty claims within at least 24 hrs – 36 hours.

The manufacturer will assess and approve your warranty claim before furnishing Asset Aircon with a job ticket number to replace the part.  In Australia, replacement parts are shipped from one state to another and other times imported from overseas.  Once your replacement part is delivered a technician is booked to return to get your air conditioner to run smoothly again.

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