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Summer’s On The Horizon – Here’s How You Can Stay Healthy For Fun In The Sun

We might be smack in the middle of winter, but as difficult as it can be to imagine – summer will be back sooner than we know it. There are many things you can do today to prepare for this, including the upkeep of the air conditioning in your Gold Coast property. In a previous blog, we shared our tips for keeping yourself and your loved ones healthy during flu season in these cold months. We trust that you’re putting them to good use, so we thought we should start preparing you for a healthy summer ahead of time.

Hot Tip #1: Start Your Day Off With A Balanced Meal

You’ve heard it time and again, so you’re probably rolling your eyes right now. However, your mom’s favourite piece of advice has made it onto our list for a reason. Beginning every morning with a balanced breakfast provides you with all the energy required to get through your day. You’ll be moving around much more as the weather heats up so make sure your body can sustain it with nutritious food.

Hot Tip #2: Keep Your Outfits Light & Comfortable

In Summer you will want to wear a lot less – but just wearing less clothing isn’t enough to keep you comfortable. Make sure you select clothing made from materials that let air through so that you don’t overheat. Light and breathable fabrics like linen and cotton are preferable over heavy knits, denims and synthetics.

Hot Tip #3: Chill Out Under That Shade Of A Tree Or Shelter

Your skin may look great as you take that selfie with the sun shining on your face, but be careful. UV rays are not your friends. There’s nothing like sunburn to ruin all your fun. Spend as much time as you can in a shaded area during peak times. When you step out into the sun, ensure that you lather on a generous helping of sunscreen and have a hat and umbrella on standby.

Hot Tip #4: Keep A Filled Water Bottle On Hand For Drinking

More than two-thirds of the human body are made up of water. When it’s hot, we sweat, which means we lose much more moisture. The last thing you want is to be dehydrated. Drink an equivalent of eight glasses of water or more to keep your body in tip-top shape. If you plan to indulge in alcohol, drink responsibly and have some water between drinks.

Hot Tip #5: Book A Routine Maintenance Service For Your HVAC System – In Winter

Why should you make sure your air conditioning system can cool your home property when you’re still bundled up in scarves and jerseys? It’s simple. You won’t want to wait until the weather becomes unbearable only to discover that your system isn’t working or needs maintenance.

Making sure that the Heating, Ventalation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) on your Gold Coast property is in a suitable condition to carry you through the summer. A service right before the season sets in is bound to do the trick – and you’ll be avoiding peak times when you might not be able to get a technician due to the demand.

Implement the above tips, and you’ll sail through summer feeling cool, calm and collected! Contact Asset Aircon today to get your HVAC system sorted in time.

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