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Spring cleaning? Don’t forget to clean your air conditioning unit

All Queenslanders know the value of a good functioning split system air conditioning unit, it can save us from the sweltering summer heat and take the edge off a cold winters evening.

To keep your residential air conditioning unit in good working order there is some upkeep involved; but, look after your air conditioning unit and it will look after you.

You might ask, why is it important to clean my air conditioning unit, or even do I need to clean my air conditioning unit? The answer is a resounding yes, and here’s why.

The air we breath

There are certain things you need to do to live a healthy life, one important thing that we tend to take for granted is that we need to breathe fresh air. What if we told you that a dirty air conditioning unit can spew out dirt, contaminated and even deadly air into your own home and what’s worse is that it’s not uncommon.

Mould thrives on warm and moist conditions and its not coincidence that Asset Aircon find mould in a large portion of the air conditioning units we maintain because the Gold Coast, Brisbane, The Northern River and Scenic Rim are all notoriously warm and humid.

Bacteria and mould love company, so what might start as a small problem can so multiple.

Energy efficiency

It’s no secret that air conditioning can drive up your energy bills, and this is especially true of a dirty and unmaintained one. It’s believed that a clogged and dirty air conditioning could be costing 15% more in energy to run, imagine that over the long summer months!

From little things, big things grow

Regular maintenance on your air conditioning unit can stop those small issues turning into big ones. At Asset Aircon we can pick up small issues and rectify them quickly and easily before they turn into costly repairs.

Breathe easy

Breathe easy knowing that you can book Asset Aircon in for a routine maintenance service. Call 07 5596 1033 and we will place your Gold Coast, Brisbane, The Northern Rivers or Scenic Rim home on a routine maintenance schedule and you can check it off your TO DO list for good.

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