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Choose Asset Aircon for commercial split/multi split system air conditioning

Split/Multi split systems have one external condenser which is then connected to two or more internal air conditioning units. Each indoor unit can be controlled individually.

We can supply and install split/multi split system air conditioning for any type of configuration. All our work is guaranteed. Our range of air conditioners offer the latest in technology and convenient options like remote control and air purification filters.

Split Multi Split System - Split/Multi Split System Gold Coast

Other air conditioning options we offer for commercial premises include:

VRF/VRV This is a system of Variable Refrigerant Flow that allows a building to direct heating and cooling to different zones because of its ability to control the quantity of refrigerant that flows to each indoor evaporator unit. Each individual air conditioning units are connected to one single condensing unit.

Ducted Systems can be ideal when you need to cool or heat multiple rooms with the flexibility to shut off rooms when cooling or heating is not needed.

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For commercial premises where air conditioning can add up to a significant percentage of overall power consumption, it makes financial sense to have an efficient running system with the cleanest air possible. Speak with our team about how we can help you design the right type of air conditioning for your needs.

Asset Aircon offer a range of commercial HVAC solutions for small, medium, and large businesses utilising premises including offices, buildings, shopping centres, function rooms, and accommodation.

Our customer service team operate from our Gold Coast office during the following hours:

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