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December 25, 2019

Smart people have smart homes

So every ordinary air conditioner does the same thing. It blows cool air into your home. But not every air con does it the same way. Enter ducted air conditioning on the Gold Coast. If you haven’t inducted the new-age basic option into your smart home hall of fame as yet, it’s because you probably don’t know what it is and what the benefits are. Let us tell you then!

Let Us Introduce You to This Smart Home Product

You don’t have to be a smart cookie to get a slight understanding of what this product is when looking at the name. Yeah, you guessed it! Ducted refers to a series of ducts. Ducted air conditioners brings cool waves or hot blasts of air into your smart home through a series of ducts. It has an internal fan coil unit which is neatly installed in the roof. How smart is that! From this location, different ducts run into each room. The number of rooms is no match for this smart air-con. And this is where this product becomes smarter. Through smart automation and zoning, and an individual thermostat on every room wall, every room can be heated or cooled separately. So, if you’re a middle-aged woman going through menopause, lower the temperature to ice cold. If you’re someone who suffers from low blood circulation and the shivers, crank that temperature up!

Only Smart Folks Benefit from this Air-Con 

If you’re a smart cookie, you’ll take up this offer to bring smart air-con automation into your home and enjoy all the benefits that go with it! Take advantage of this discreet air-con option which is tucked away behind walls and ceilings. No smart homeowner ever had messy wires and installation eyesores in their home! Take advantage of a smart product which services your entire house and every room differently. It’s perfect for large families in large homes and those which resemble the Brady Bunch. Enjoy a product which offers easy maintenance and an even temperature throughout the house. And, like other smart products in your home which smart people have become accustomed to, they can enjoy a product which operates in quiet silence and seamless consistency.

Let Us Induct Ducted Air Conditioning into Your Home

Now that you’re ready to bring a smart home air conditioner into your smart residence contact the qualified technicians at Asset Aircon who will respond to your residential or commercial installation needs fast and efficiently. Check out the website for a range of our major brands of ducted air conditioning options from Daikin and Panasonic, among other top-notch brands of ducted air conditioning on the Gold Coast and find a fantastic special that suits your brand preference.

Contact Asset Aircon for professional air conditioning repairs & maintenance on the Gold Coast. We service and repair air conditioners from Pacific Pines to Palm Beach to Paradise Point and beyond.

Want to know more? Contact us anytime on 07 5596 1033 or info@assetaircon.com.au

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