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My Baby Won’t Sleep – Have You Checked The Room Temperature? The Perfect Temperature For The Perfect Sleep

Often you’ll hear a tired-looking mom or dad say, ‘My baby won’t sleep, I’ve tried everything’. And as moms know best, instead of telling them to check their baby’s nappy or if they’re hungry, point to the not-so-obvious. The culprit in question giving their baby and themselves sleepless nights is the room temperature. Here’s how to provide the ideal temperature to create an excellent sleeping zone where your baby will indeed sleep.

My Baby Won’t Sleep – Have You Checked The Room Temperature?
The Perfect Temperature For The Perfect Sleep

While we all have paternal and maternal instincts, sometimes parents don’t know it all. For those who do not know the ideal temperature for a baby’s room, we’ll tell you. The perfect temperature must be kept between 20–22.2°C. It’s about being comfortable – not too hot and not too cold.

If you think about your own sleeping habits as an adult, being too hot under the covers makes for a restless night. That’s why we sleep better with one leg out of the duvet. The same goes for babies. Low temperatures and a chilly baby makes for a very fussy baby who will not sleep. A baby who is too hot has night sweats along with all-night cries. On a more serious note, an overheated baby is downright dangerous as overheating intensifies the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Who would have thought that an overheated room would have such an affect? Higher temperatures make it difficult for your baby to wake up to external stimuli. And if something goes wrong, the baby is unable to wake and cry. No cry means no parents coming to the rescue. And while we don’t want cries throughout the night, we don’t want our babies to remain silent when they’re in trouble either.

Don’t Wake The Baby, Use An App

‘Don’t wake the baby’ can be heard in many a household after the little one falls asleep. So while you tip-toe around the house and make no sudden loud noises, the last thing you want to do is wake up the sleeping baby when the air conditioner stops working or temperature needs to be changed. Use Ducted Air Conditioning combined with Smartphone application control to maintain the climate in your baby’s room. Install the app on your phone and control the temperature from your fingertips. The app uses a router which sends a message to a connecting module which controls the air conditioner unit.

Want your baby to sleep? Talk to Asset Air now. Don’t wait for another night or fuss about extra bed blankets or clothing, fans or other tiresome methods. Instead, opt for an air conditioner that keeps the temperature in your baby’s room perfect. We service and repair air conditioners from Main Beach to Mermaid Waters, from Miami to Mudgeeraba, from Molendinar to Mount Tamborine, and beyond.

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