Inverter MultiSplit VRF

With the size of the Australian residential properties reducing in size, the compact size and horizontal discharge design of VRF multi-split airconditioning technology makes it an ideal solution for modern day homes. 


This system connects up to five indoor units to a single outdoor unit with no need for ductwork. This compact system offers superior performance and energy efficiency for stylish interior design solutions.

Split AirCon System

When it comes to your home, a split system air conditioning unit is a popular choice for small to medium-sized homes. Our goal is to help you find the perfect aircon for your needs, keeping your home cool in the warmest of summers (even with outdoor temperatures as high as 50 degrees Celsius) and warm and cosy during the colder months (as low as -15 degrees Celsius).

What is a split system?

It’s an aircon system that is split into two parts; the indoor unit (contains the evaporator) and the outdoor unit (contains the compressor and condenser). These air conditioners are compact, quiet, and convenient to operate making them perfect for homes.

Split Aircon Features

  • We use all the best Aircon brands and can assist you find the right fit for your room and hot spots, helping you stay cool when it matters.
  • Split system air conditioning installations have a maximum distance of 25m between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit (condenser).
  • Air conditioners have the flexibility to vary the rotation speed of the compressor, which means you’ll use less energy to maintain the set temperature as well as being able to cool and heat the room quicker upon start up.
  • Split system air conditioning offers stability in indoor comfort and low room temperature fluctuations.
  • Split system air conditioning installations have settings for Auto, Dry, Turbo, and Sleep modes.
  • 24-hour time clock with automatic on and off settings.
  • Automatic error diagnosis.

Ducted AirCon System

Ducted air conditioning is often thought of as a luxury item. In South East Queensland, air conditioning can make life comfortable whether it’s during the humid summer or the chilly winter nights. Ducted air conditioning is best suited when you have many rooms to cool or heat. They have an outdoor unit, and a central indoor unit, usually installed in the ceiling or under the floor. Air ducts run from the indoor unit to air outlets and sensors in each room. Ducted air conditioning can even be zoned so that you can shut off rooms or areas when you don’t wish to heat or cool them.

How zoning for ducted air conditioning works

Zoning typically requires you to have a ‘common’ area as safety, so that air can be spilled. Ducted Air Conditioning ESP Plus/Platinum Plus/Ultima allows increased levels of comfort by offering individual temperature control and allowing only a bedroom to remain on during the night. This smart Australian innovation allows you to keep your entire house comfortable and reduce energy by 80% when using one room.

Here’s what you get with our ducted air conditioning systems:

  • Easy to use 8 zone intergraded touchpad
  • Slim line design to suit most interiors.
  • AUTO/HEAT/COOL changeover
  • 3-speed fan
  • 7-day programmable timer
  • Filter clean reminder
  • Compatible with home automation
  • SMARTPHONE enabled control so that you can turn on your ducted air conditioning at work, so your home is comfortable when you arrive home

Inverter Multi-Split systems feature: 

    Each indoor unit can be operated independently.
    Heat pump and inverter technologies achieve energy efficiency at lower costs
    Stylish interior design options that fit into residences where space is limited.
    Enables indoor units of different styles and capacities in one system for each unique room space.
    Compatible with smart technology.
    Quiet in operation, featuring night-time mode and reduced outdoor unit noise levels that will keep your neighbours happy.

VRF Split-type units 

This split unit offers ultimate versatility and can connect up to as many as 14 indoor units to a single outdoor unit and combined with a wide selection of indoor units ranging from wall-mounted, floor-standing, ducted, cassettes, and ceiling suspended units. 

Each indoor unit can be individually controlled, scheduled, and set to a comfortable setting to ensure optimal comfort for all occupants in individual rooms.  Most wall-mounted indoor units have human presence sensors that automatically ensure draught-free comfort. 

Although VRF systems offer compact installation capacity, the outdoor unit may be placed out of sight due to longer piping runs of up to 100m.  This system will not compromise the aesthetics of your external home design. 

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