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How To Help Your Child If They Are Too Cold To Sleep

Being a parent to a new-born baby can be tough on anyone. One must learn the baby’s signs when they are hungry, tired, getting sick, or the temperatures are making them feel uncomfortable. Learning these cues is important as the baby can’t talk or fend for themselves. Some signs are easy to identify like when they need a diaper change, they will cry, but others are more difficult to spot like when they are feeling too cold to sleep.

Unlike adults, babies can’t take off their clothes or wrap themselves in warm clothing to regulate their temperatures. They lose heat through the head, arms and feet, the areas that are unprotected. In the colder seasons, it is vital you keep an eye on your baby’s temperature to avoid them being too cold for long periods which may lead to hypothermia. It is not only important to monitor your child’s temperatures during winter but also during the hot summer months to ensure they are not too cool or warm while indoors.

Cold Hands And Feet

Because heat escapes through the often-exposed hands and feet, it is an important area that indicates the baby’s temperature. If the baby is in a cold room or the hands and feet are cold to the touch, then provide them with a warm blanket. There is also the option of mittens and socks. Things get serious if the baby’s arms and legs are mottled as this is caused when the heart can no longer pump blood effectively.

Skin Is Pale

Parents should be concerned if their baby is feeling cold and has paler skin than what they usually have. The pale skin will be followed by more symptoms such as being lethargic and idle which could then lead to hypothermia. When this occurs, the baby must be slowly warmed up while wrapped in a blanket and no surface, besides their face, should be exposed. It means that their hands and feet, as well as their head, must be covered. It is recommended that you take the baby to a doctor for a check-up.

Fussy And Sneezing

A baby will be fussy at the beginning of being cold when nothing else is wrong despite checking everything. It is their way of telling you they are cold, and parents should add an extra layer or two of blankets or put on a warmer outfit. Do check what they are dressed in and add layers accordingly but don’t overdo it. Sneezing is another indicator that babies are getting cold, and parents should act appropriately to ensure the baby is warm. Sneezing is their bodies way of telling us they are cold and is not necessarily a sign of a cold virus or another sickness.

These are just some ideas to help you protect your baby against the cold and allow them to sleep as comfortably as possible. An even simpler method to help your little one stay warm is to opt for an air conditioner that can keep the room temperature at optimal levels. Asset Air can achieve that and more as well as provide service and repair services from Nerang to Neranwood, from Norwell to Numinbah Valley, and beyond.

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