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How To Get The Lowest Electricity Costs This Winter!

Winter always brings cold weather and higher electricity bills. And it’s not surprising that during this season, with the ramping up of heaters and the repeated boiling of the kettle to make hot drinks to keep bodies from freezing over, the fight for lower electricity bills becomes a huge battle! While homeowners do everything to ramp up the heat within their homes to avoid frostbite and their homes becoming like a freezer, there are ways for you to actually enjoy a warmer property while enjoying a decrease in electricity costs.

You Can Go The Obvious Route

Right, you’ve probably heard these tips before but they’re always valid and can never be mentioned enough! It’s like hearing that one song over and over again! So, you can go the obvious route in trying to lower electricity costs by switching off every appliance not in use in your home, smart right?

But what about the other ways of saving money throughout winter? You could start by using a lower thermostat setting while your awake and at home and setting it lower or even off while you’re asleep or not at home. Most or nearly all heaters (and if your air conditioner has a heating mode), have a programmable timer on them. By setting a timer to turn off the heating in your house an hour after you go to bed giving you just enough time for you to fall asleep, before turning off and saving you from higher electricity costs.

You can also use less heaters and opt for that snowman fashion look! Layered in multiple jumpers, trackies, beanies, gloves and those comfy ugg boots may not look sexy, but it’ll surely keep you warm without hiking up the electricity bill. And while we could suggest you could create a little fire in your lounge using the outdoor BBQ, smoking out your house and your lungs is not ideal. However, for those who have fireplaces within their homes, rather opt for that cosy fire instead of switching on heaters. Why would you opt for a heater if you can relish in the flickering flames and warmth of a real fireplace? You would be silly not to!

While you may not be using that air conditioner in helensvale for this winter, using ventilation appliances will hike up that electricity pretty fast. So, use it sparingly or opt for some fresh air once in a while. Be brave and open that window! Let that fresh air in! Or, if you don’t want to open that window and let the cold air in, turn on your ceiling fan to the lowest setting; by doing this, you’re pushing down and circulating the hot air that sits at roof level.

Another way to decrease electricity costs is to not leave your electricity blanket on 24/7 (unless you plan to stay in bed all day, all its heating is the bed bugs). Only switch it on just before bed and switch it off when you climb under the covers.

To get that electricity bill low, don’t be tempted to switch on that underfloor heating. You recently bought that pair of fluffy, thick slippers, along with those colourful, woollen socks, so it’s now time to get them out of the cupboard and start keeping your feet warm. Put those suffocatingly warm colourful slippers to good use. They’re fit for an eskimo so put them on – you wouldn’t be seen dead in them out and about, but you’re home so who cares. Speaking of being put to good use – your hands and fingers become icy cold in winter so put them to good use in efforts to warm them up and start switching off appliances at the power point when you are not using them. With every flick of every plug switch – from standby mode to off mode – your fingers will feel warmer with increased blood flow into them and those five digits will thank you for it!

Or, You Can Lower Costs Even Further With The Help Of Professionals

While all the above obvious tips are sure to keep your home warm and your wallet full, working with the professionals will help lower these costs even further. Yes, even further believe it or not! Contact Asset Aircon today and we’ll help you to achieve the lowest, and we mean the lowest, electricity costs this winter!  We are providing miami air conditioning service. Call us today at 07 5596 1033 or email us at [email protected]

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