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How To Fix Office Temperature Fluctuations

It’s a beautiful day outside. The sun is shining, and it’s getting warm, so you dress for the day’s temperature. Walking into the office, you smile at your colleagues because summer is here and life is excellent. And then it hits you. A wall of almost arctic cold air. The office aircon is doing its own thing again. Two desks down Sharon is uncomfortably hot and wishing she could take her shoes off, but your particular spot may as well have icicles dangling off the desk like Christmas decorations.

What to do?

Do you just put up with it?

No! We at Asset Aircon are here to rescue you from your fickle office aircon and get everyone on same the page, temperature-wise. We can’t guarantee that it will fix Bob’s occasional temper tantrums, but it will make your life a whole lot more comfortable.

Open The Blinds

Ok, so don’t open them if it means that searing rays of sunlight will fall on Bob’s desk and cause him to spontaneously combust. But if you can, let in natural sunlight and warmth to even out any cold spots caused by the air con.

Put On A Set Of Big, Soft Headphones

Cold ears equal cold people. Soft earphones will not only ensure that Sharon doesn’t sidle up to your desk and chat about her cats, but they’ll also keep your cartilage warm. It’s the same concept as wearing hats and earmuffs in winter, just more stylish and with added benefits.

Check Your Ducts

We’re not saying you should clamber around in your office air ducts while quietly singing the Mission Impossible soundtrack. Ask your building manager or janitor to check that they aren’t blocked or suffering from damage from rodents or other creepy crawlies. Be sure to call us at Asset Aircon to service and maintain your aircon and make sure it’s all in working condition.

Call Us Today

Asset Aircon has many years of experience in working with residential, commercial and industrial aircon. There’s very little that we haven’t seen or fixed. If you’re suffering from an uncomfortable office or your employees are complaining about it, call us or visit our website. We service and repair air conditioners from Helensvale to Highland Park, from Hollywell to Hope Island, and beyond.


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