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How Does Aircon Work

If you’re a resident of the Gold Coast, you will understand the need to adapt to the heat and humidity that occurs during the summer months. Sometimes the only way to survive and continue normal life day and night, is to blast our air conditioning systems.

However, many households have no idea how these aircon systems actually work. Today, we’re here to share some of our knowledge, giving advice about your aircon, including its functionality and the importance of regular Air Conditioning Maintenance and repairs. 

How It Works

To provide you with a basic understanding, all air conditioners are designed to suck up unwanted, warm or wet air from your home’s interior absorbing the heat or moisture and releasing the cool or dry air back into the environment.

Now, let’s get a little more technical. How does this happen?

Warm or damp air from the room is sucked in through a grille on the machine. The air flows over some chiller pipes through which a coolant fluid is circulating. This part of the machine works just like the chiller cabinet in a refrigerator. It cools down the incoming air and a dehumidifier removes any excess moisture.

The air then flows over a heating element. A fan at the top blasts the air back through another grille into the room. If the heating element is turned down, the air re-entering the room is much cooler, so the room gradually cools down. Over time, the heat inside your home gradually pumps away into the outside air.

The Importance of Maintenance

With the excessive use of anything comes the need for regular maintenance checks. After all, you would not want your aircon to stop working on one of our hot and humid Queensland summer days! It is also important to have a professional check your aircon system for safely and performance. This includes checking the electrics and giving the system a clean to prevent harmful mould from building up and causing respiratory issues. A simple maintenance check ensures the AirCon is running in the most energy-efficient manner possible.

Now that you understand how your AC works and how to maintain it, you should get in touch with our friendly team and arrange a service! At Asset Aircon, we provide top-range air conditioning products, installation services, maintenance and repairs to clients across the Gold Coast. To get in touch, click here.



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