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How do you know it is time to replace your air conditioning unit?

A good quality air conditioning unit can last anywhere from 10 – 15 years, but the older the model and the more extensive the repairs the more likely it is that a new one will be more suitable than repairing the old one.

So, how do you know when it is time to replace your air conditioning unit?

  • If you regularly maintain your air conditioning unit it should provide consistent air levels at your chosen temperature. If the air isn’t dispersing as usual, there’s usually a problem. It could be a clog in the piping and might need maintenance work, or it could mean that your unit is on the way out.
  • When your air conditioning unit is blowing hot air when it is meant to blow cold, or cold when it meant to blow hot air, it’s time to get a professional to look at it.
  • Your air conditioning unit will always produce some moisture, but an air conditioning unit in a good state of repair will be able to handle it. Once an air conditioner starts to leak it’s a telling sign that you might be in need of an upgrade.
  • What’s that smell? When your air conditioning unit starts to smell, it’s time to start looking at fixing the issue or a possibly replacement unit.
  • If you are forever calling the maintenance person to fix your air conditioning unit it might be more financially prudent to buy a new one.
  • Power bills unusually high? Air conditioning can suck a lot of energy when it’s functioning properly, but when it’s broken you might find it drains even more energy.

Residential air conditioning made easy

Whilst installing a new air conditioning unit into your Gold Coast, Brisbane, The Northern Rivers or Scenic Rim home might seem expensive, but it can be more expensive to repeatedly try to fix the same tired, broken air conditioning unit you’ve had for years. Talk to the guys at Asset Air Conditioning and chill out this summer.

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Airconditioner Repairs Gold Coast
Air Conditioning Repairs Gold Coast

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