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Decisions, Decisions: How To Pick Between Split And Ducted Air Conditioning

As a homeowner or a manager at your workplace, you are best placed to recognise the most pressing needs in your home or office. In terms of temperature control, it’s a known fact how hot Aussie summers can get. It only makes sense to invest in the right kind of HVAC system for your needs. Just as buildings vary in design and construction, so do air conditioning units. Split and ducted air conditioners have a few similarities and many differences between them. Read more to learn tips on how to select the best choice for you. The key is understanding the differences so that you can apply them to your unique circumstances.

  1. Consider The Size Of The Rooms And The Building At Large

Small spaces require different things from air conditioners than large spaces. For modest homes or small rooms, split HVAC systems are the better choice because they offer targeted temperature control. The problem is that you may have to install a unit for each room. However, ducted air conditioning caters for larger buildings with spacious rooms.

  1. Consider The Installation And Running Costs In Comparison To One Another

At face value split systems are the cheaper choice. Installation costs less and running costs are also lower because of the size. However, the flip side of the coin is that split air conditioning isn’t efficient for larger spaces, so you may have to install a larger number of units, which costs more. While ducted systems may appear to cost more, the level of efficiency is what will tell you the true costs. Crunch the numbers beforehand so that you know how your pocket will be affected or call us today and let us help you make the right decision.

  1. Consider The Acoustics In Your Home Office In Terms Of Noise Distribution

HVAC units generate noise at varying levels. As time goes by, technological advancements have reduced the noise, but it’s still there. Ask us today about what to expect. If your building carries sound, a bit of noise can go a long way.

Once you have carefully considered all of the factors listed above, you’ll be able to determine what works for you. There’s no universally applicable correct answer, so take the decision seriously. If you’re unsure, you can always consult with an expert first. Contact the Asset Aircon team for more information at 07 5596 1033 or at [email protected]. We are your Aircon Whispers, no matter what you need, sales, service and repair of air conditioners from Tugun to Tallebudgera, to Tallai and beyond, we are here to support everyone on the Gold Coast.

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