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Consider Your Aircon When You Are Renovating!

The best time to plan your air conditioner units in your renovation is right from the beginning. Even if they are only arriving in phase 2 of the budget, plan them now. This will help with power planning and aesthetics and will save you from running around like a headless chicken at a later date.

Have the size, type and brand of your chosen air conditioner ready and on hand when purchasing or installing. Here are the top two types of aircons around:

Split System Air Conditioner

The pipe lengths will slightly determine Split Unit positions within your house. They are very popular as they are cost-effective to purchase and to run. They have the lowest impact on electricity bills and cool a reasonably wide area. See our blog on how to choose the right aircon for your home.

With two parts of the unit, one unit positioned outside on a steady concreate slab or installed to the side of the house on brackets. The second part of the unit is the aircon unit itself, installed to a wall in your house. With split systems gold coast, there is no duct work required like there is for Ducted Air Conditioning. However, Split Systems are restricted to one room, unless a Multi-Split System is installed, where more than one indoor unit is installed.

Then it comes down to where to install the unit in your house, which wall, and in what room should it be? If you want it just in the lounge room, ensure it’s not near a window that gets direct sunlight all the time. Putting an aircon in sunlight is about effective as putting an ice cube in the oven. You will end up just using more energy, thus spending more money on your electricity bill. If you’re unsure about what the best position for your aircon is, ask the team at Asset Aircon + Elec for their opinion on the optimal position! x

Ducted System Air Conditioning

This needs more serious design and technical intervention as there are long ducts and multiple pipes.  They usually are hidden in the ceiling space, hidden from the eye for a more pleasing look instead of an industrial look. Located outside near your house, is the exterior unit. Ducted air conditioners work in homes, apartments, retail stores and restaurants quite comfortably, allowing for a wider disperse of air around the room and or establishment, compared to a split system.

With Ducted Systems, a control pad is installed in the house which allows you to control the temperature of each of the rooms. Which means the kids playing games in the lounge room can have a cooler temperature compared to the dining room where you may opt for a warming, more comfortable temperature.

Keeping Your Cool On

Everything is sitting pretty, you are happy and content, so now you can put your feet up and chill out (pun intended) never to be thought of again. Not quite!

For any equipment to work well and to have a long life, just like your car, it needs maintenance. Some of it is as easy as washing dishes.

Turn off the power to the unit, open the filter compartment, remove the filter and give it a clean. This will ensure the ‘teenage boy who hasn’t aired out his room since Christmas 2016 smell does not start coming from your system. As with the room, we recommend that during the renovations you just get a wrecking ball and start over because there is not hope for that one.

A cleaning agent designed for mould removal, dirt, grime and other foreign materials can be sprayed on the front coils as well as the louvres. Remove the filter and either vacuum it or wash it in warm water. Put back the dry filter back in the system when it’s completely dry and close the cover. After about 15 minutes, give the air-conditioner a run. Start off with the system on a cool low setting and then adjust it higher if or when needed.

Once a year after a season of using it, it’s prudent to call in a professional for a general once-over check. This will mean your system will last for a very, very long time—an excellent return on investment. And ensure all components are working and in tip-top condition and check if repairs need to be made.

We hope this guide was helpful, but if you have any more questions, please contact us at Asset Aircon today online so we can hear your needs. Alternatively call us today on P: 07 5596 1033 or E: [email protected]

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