February 12, 2018

Check for power surge damage on your air conditioner after a storm

Check for power surge damage on your air conditioner after a storm

The Gold Coast could face a second round of ferocious storms and power surges after severe cells lashed the region on Sunday night.

If a power surge damages your aircon it will likely start tripping at the circuit breaker or damage to the electrical wires within the air conditioner, causing it to stop working.
Capacitors often fail after power surges. This is due to a jolt of electricity used to start the motor, or a regular series of jolts to keep the motor running.
A compressor damaged by a power surge may not be noticeable right away. It may take weeks or months for the compressor to fail after a large external power surge or lightning strike.
The good news is that most household insurance policies cover storm damage. Putting a claim in with your insurance company need not be a headache.
Asset Aircon keeps meticulous care of your purchase records and service and maintenance history and can easily assist you with the completion insurance documents, supported by the history of your asset to speed up claims. Some manufacturer warranty will cover surge damage caused outside the home.

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