Heater vs Air Conditioning, Which is the Cheapest?

Heaters vs Air Conditioning

This morning felt so much colder than usual as temperatures plunge to 1.8C at Canungra in Gold Coast Hinterland while much of the city drops below single digits, it suddenly hit me: Do I go cheap and duck out to the shops to get an electric heater? Or do I invest in something more efficient […]

Introducing The Hisense Range

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Families all around the Gold Coast enjoy HVAC air conditioning systems, and the Hisense range is a favorable choice for many. What do these air conditioning systems have to offer? They promise high-intensity cooling during the long, hot Australian summer months, drying during the humid months, lowering the moisture in the room and warmth in […]

How Does Aircon Work

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If you’re a resident of the Gold Coast, you will understand the need to adapt to the heat and humidity that occurs during the summer months. Sometimes the only way to survive and continue normal life day and night is to blast our air conditioning systems. However, many households have no idea how these aircon […]

3 Benefits Of Regular Checks On Your Ducted Air Conditioning System

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Whether you live in an area with very high temperatures all year round or you only experience some warmth seasonally, you may have a ducted air conditioning system installed in your home or workplace. Whichever the case, many people heavily rely on the physical and mental relief that these systems can bring. However, your aircon […]

The Dangers Of Gas Leaks From Split aircons and Multi-Split AirCon Systems

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Air conditioning systems bring great relief to homeowners during the long summer months, so much so that when a malfunction occurs, it can tend to be overlooked. However, we’re here to let you know that the dangers of ignoring the problem significantly outweigh being without your precious split aircons and multi-split system in the event […]

How To Make HVAC Air Conditioner Dealer Warranty Claims Easy!

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Summer is cooking, literally, and suddenly your favourite piece of HVAC, the split unit air conditioner, breaks gas and stops. Sweating like a prawn on an underperforming barbie, you furiously try and Google the manufacturer’s claims department to scream for help. The sweat droplets on the screen make that a tad difficult, and you’re about […]

What’s that pong? It’s your aircon!

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Winter has been delightful, a wonderful respite from our cooking summers to snuggling up on the couch with a hot choccy, but our summer is definitely here, which means it’s definitely aircon time! If you haven’t used the reverse cycle as a heater, because let’s be honest mate, it doesn’t get that cold here, we […]

It’s Thunderstorm Season! Is your aircon ready?

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Thunderstorm season is fast approaching. But why are we talking about this? We aren’t here to send you constant alerts about severe thunderstorm warnings about large hailstones. However, that being said, we are here to tell you to just keep an eye out on your aircon this season! Some of you may wonder if your […]

Stay Cool with The Right Aircon


When it comes to choosing the right air conditioner, your brain can boil with info overload. Size, running costs, noise levels, and things you hadn’t thought you needed. By far the most frequently purchased one is a split system air conditioning. If your building needs ducted air conditioning, then please book an appointment with us […]

What Is The Optimal Sleeping Temperature?

Optimal Sleeping Temperature

What is the optimal sleeping temperature you ask? That depends on whom you’re posing such a question too! A woman in her late 40s or early 50s might be going through menopause, and any increase in temperatures above 20-degrees will give her sleepless nights. The same cannot be said for a newborn baby who has […]