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A Simple Reboot Works for Everything, Including you Air Conditioning on the Gold Coast!

Summer is here. The heat is on. Your air conditioning has turned off. And before you start biting your nails as you think of what to do and how to get the unit working again, turn off the stress. There’s a simple solution, and all it requires is your finger and three easy steps. Yes, that’s right. Only three easy steps and your finger to reset your air conditioning unit and turn the cool temps back on.

The Key to Knowing Where the Reset Button Is, Is to Know the Brand

So, you know the brand of your handbag, the brand designer of your suits, the brand of your car, but do you know the brand of your air conditioner? Contrary to popular belief, air conditioners are a cool asset to have, and people should be brand-conscious when it comes to their units. If you know the brand, you’ll know where to find the reset button. Most major brands like Daikin and Panasonic boast a reset button. It’s there. All it needs is a press of a finger. For those not AC brand-conscious – shame on you – a quick look through the manual will reveal where the mysterious shutoff button is located on the AC unit. Be sure to turn the thermostat off before flicking your finger and watching some turn-off action commence.

Point to The Fuse Box

Once your air conditioning unit is safely off, let’s find your fuse box. If it’s not on the wall on the side of you home check in the garage, a closet or crawl spaces. Once you have found it look for the fuse which is linked to your unit. Simply flick it back on with your finger if it’s was in the off position or flick it off then on again, and just like that, you have reset your air con.

Only A Minute to Wait, No Need for Impatient Finger Tapping

With only 60 seconds to count down, there’ll be no impatient finger tapping when waiting to return power to the air conditioning unit. After 60 simple seconds, the unit should reset on its own. Then, it’s a quick sweat-free walk back to the thermostat and another simple press of the finger to turn the unit back on. If you can wait a little longer, even just 30 seconds, you’ll able to see if the unit cools the air to your desired temperature.

When Your Finger Can’t Find the Reset Button, Let It Dial The Right Number

When your finger remains faulty together with your AC unit, contact the qualified technicians at Asset Aircon who will respond to call-outs at residential properties and commercial sites. Stay cool this summer with one of the biggest (and we think best) air conditioning teams on the Gold Coast. We are fast, nimble and able to help with all repairs, replacements, maintenance and new installations.

We service and repair air conditioners in every Gold Coast Suburb, “hello to Parkwood and Pimpama and beyond”.

Want to know more? Contact us anytime on 07 5596 1033 or [email protected]



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