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7-Steps to Clean Your Air Conditioner and Stay COVID-19 Safe on the Cold Coast

Stuck in lockdown? Air Purification is important now more than ever. Hydrocleaning / Servicing your air conditioning is a must now. An important element in staying safe against COVID-19 is keeping your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system in a way that keeps it in pristine condition. Removing Mould, Bacteria and Viruses from your Air Conditioner could help stop the transmission of COVID-19 to your family. Stay clean and healthy Gold Coast, your air conditioner needs cleaning.

The cleaning (also known as Hydroclean) of your Air Conditioner is a vital part being an air conditioner owner. You may be cool, but you are also circulating bacteria, mould spores and viruses. With lockdowns in progress we will be staying home more and more in the coming months. Service and Hydroclean your Air Con today for as little as $186 and keep your family safe during this stressful COVID-19 outbreak.

With the outbreak of the Covid-19, the team at Asset Aircon advices you to change filters of all ducted systems and clean split systems with the hydro aeris guard treatment or call the friendly team at Asset Aircon to do a maintenance/service on your unit today!

If you would like to set started with a quick home clean till we arrive, here are the steps to clean your air conditioning unit.

HVAC Cleaning Step 1: Switch Off the Power & Unplug the Unit

As with all electrical appliances, you must switch off the A/C before you start cleaning it. Flip the switch on the unit, then unplug at the power source to be safe from electrocution.

HVAC Cleaning Step 2: Unscrew the Fan Grill to Remove Rubble & Dirt from Inside

Move the fan grill to make way for cleaning the inside of the unit. Vacuum all the dust inside, then wipe all surfaces – including the grill – with a damp cloth and a few drops of cleaning chemicals. Or if you’re like us we like to be a green as possible, why not try a combination of ½ water and ½ vinegar inside a spray bottle. Shake the solution well and apply it to the evaporator coil and condenser coil. It is fine to give it a good soaking. Allow some of the solution to drip away and wipe away the remaining solution with the cleaning rags. Vinegar will not harm the parts and is a very effective cleaner.

HVAC Cleaning Step 3: Clear Algae from Tubes & Drainpipes

Brush out algae and other debris that may cause blockage in the tubes and pipes. This will make the system run more efficiently.

HVAC Cleaning Step 4: Wash the Fins with a Garden Hose Then Wipe Them Down

Use medium water pressure to clear dust from the gaps between the fins without breaking them. Dry the fins with a cloth once you’ve removed all particles, then return them to their place.

HVAC Cleaning Step 5: Replace the Blower Filter With a New One

The blower filter collects a lot of impurities, so it’s crucial to replace it every month or so. This keeps the quality of air in your home or business as clean as possible.

HVAC Cleaning Step 6: Return Everything Where It Belongs

This step is self-explanatory. Don’t forget any part of the unit – everything must go back to its place.

HVAC Cleaning Step 7: Run the System to Test

Once every part of the air conditioning is dry; you can plug in and switch on to check if the cleaning worked. The air should smell and feel cleaner than it did before.

Once that’s all done and you realize that was way too hard / messy and you have better things to do with your time, just give us a call and team up with our reliable and extra friendly air conditioning service team, we are dedicated to the air conditioners of the Gold Coast and keeping you cool (or warm in winter).

Contact Asset Aircon for professional air conditioning repairs & maintenance on the Gold Coast. We service and repair air conditioners from Coomera to Carrara to Currumbin and beyond.

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