Providing Air Conditioning - Ducted and Split System Air Conditioners on the Gold Coast

  • split3 Split System/Wall – Mounted
  • split2 Indoor and Outdoor Units
  • split1 Cooling/Heating, Reverse Cycle Units
  • split1 Cooling/Heating, Reverse Cycle Units

Features of Ducted Systems

We have been installing Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning for two generations and understand that ducted Air Conditioning can be perceived as a luxury item.

We believe it is a necessity these days with those hot humid summer days and nights.

Please let us show you our range of Actron, Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Toshiba Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners which will provide high levels of comfort with high efficiency providing money savings to you.


Ducted Air Conditioning can be optioned with zoning which allows rooms or areas within your house to be shut/ closed off.

Zoning usually requires a “Common” zone so air can be spilled as this works as a safety to your Ducted Air Conditioning investment. Actron Ducted Air Conditioning ESP Plus/Platinum Plus/Ultima also allow increased levels of comfort, individual temperature control, allowing only a bedroom at night to be ON.

Imagine that!. Whole house comfort with the flexibility and energy saving of 80% down to one room!!! Now that is a clever Australian innovation.

Our Gold Coast Ducted Air Conditioning System include many of those features:

  • Easy to use 8 zone intergraded touch pad.
  • Slim line design to suit most interiors.
  • AUTO/HEAT/COOL changeover.
  • 3 speed fan.
  • 7 Day programmable timer.
  • Filter clean reminder.
  • Compatible with Home Automation.
  • SMARTPHONE enabled control so that you can turn on system at work so your home is comfortable when you arrive home.

For more information of our range of Gold Coast Ducted Air Conditioning System - contact us today