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  • August 24
      When purchasing air conditioning, how do you know which brand is best for your home comfort? Asset Associated Air Conditioning can help! To answer that question, Canstar Blue annually surveys hundreds of households who have recently purchased and installed a new air conditioning unit, asking them to rate their brand on a number of important variables, including ease of use, reliability, quietness and value for money. Seven big name brands featured in the final results, but only Panasonic scored five stars for overall customer satisfaction. This year we’ve had a changing of the guard, with Panasonic replacing Fujitsu General at... Read the rest
    • August 18


      Thursday,August 18,2016
      Last week Asset Air Conditioning was awarded a plaque to recognise our sales achievements for 2016. PANASONIC AWARD FOR 2016 $1 MILLION + DEALER!!! Thank you to Steve and the team at PANASALES.   #Panasonic# Read the rest
      • June 21
        These days, you’re only a discount outlet or keyboard click away from furnishing your whole home. You don’t even need to step outside your door to compare prices, load up your virtual shopping cart and wheel it through to the checkout.  It’s no different with air conditioners.   A quick google and you’ll find some astonishingly cheap air conditioners up for grabs.  But, is your cheap air conditioner really the bargain of the century or could you be getting an inefficient, clunky piece of scrap metal that might prove more costly than you could ever imagine?  Buyer beware!! WHY ARE SOME... Read the rest
        • June 16


          Thursday,June 16,2016
          One of the many benefits of ducted air conditioning is that it operates quietly in the background heating or cooling your home or business while you go about your day to day routine. But because most ducted systems are installed within the roof and most people never lay eyes on the unit itself this can contribute to an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality. Subsequently people ‘neglect to inspect’ their unit, and this is unfortunate since neglecting a ducted air conditioning system can cost you extra money on future servicing and cause your system to run inefficiently. In our... Read the rest
          • June 8
            How to clean split system air conditioning filters When was the last time your inspected the health of your air conditioning system? We’re guessing it’s probably been a long time. At Asset Air, we know better than anyone that many people unfortunately neglect to inspect their filters, sacrificing the quality of their air, and adding to their running costs in the process. The good news is that inspecting and cleaning/replacing your filter in your air conditioning unit is not a difficult task, and the benefits of doing this every few months – especially in the lead up to the summer... Read the rest